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John. Had to share this with you.


I had the laugh of a lifetime recently and thought you might be interested.

I have a small B&B - like you - just 6 rooms, here in Wales. It is not gay and we are open to anyone and everyone but tend to get mostly families as we have 2 family rooms.

I had an 'Internet Influencer' contact me and demand - yes she DEMANDED - a free week long Honeymoon for herself and her soon to be husband and in return for a free week here, she would post stuff about our venue on line for her thousands of followers to read.

I exchanged e mails back and forth a few times, asking dates and any special requirements and as the date for the wedding was coming close and she still had not confirmed anything - and as I was keen to actually fuck her off - I played along with the whole crap game.

A few days before the actual wedding she asked about arrival times etc. and I then offered her a bill for the entire week and all extras discussed and asked for a credit card payment to this could continue - and she went ballistic.

Screaming in CAPITAL LETTERS how she was going to expose me to her readers and I just answered to go right ahead - tell everyone what a scrounging mean spirited nasty little girl she was and how entitled she clearly was , expecting us to offer this horrible brat a whole week for free and I hate hate hate these so called INFLUINCERS' as they are just crap.

I contacted our local paper and they ran a story on the situation and she got well exposed for the fraud she is and I got all this fabulous FREE advertising and - BOY - did business pick up after.

These self entitled brats;- These spoiled little bitches. : These empty headed people who do not have a real life outside of showing off to the world how ' together they are' when the truth is they are as messed up as everyone else and yet - because most are millennials, have appalling personal conversational abilities and are only use to talking ' on line' and not face to face. She didn't have a clue when someone said FUCK OFF - NO - as no one had dared before and here I was telling her under NO UNCERTAIN TERMS TO DO DO PRECISELY THAT - GO FUCK YOURSELF BITCH.

She tried telling her followers but there were enough who saw through her crap and felt for us, a small venue with no staff, just my boyfriend and I running the place and we work hard and long hours and the public largely backed us against this stupid girl and she was made to appear so foolish in the local paper and around the town.

I have no idea if she actually married the guy as I am really not interested but if she did, he has my deepest sympathies. JR ( Wales some where )


John Bellamy Answers

It is all a load of absolute bollocks.

In general, the only influencer anyone needs are your Parents - maybe the odd teacher at school or Uncle /Aunt figure. Someone who teaches and shares the best of intentions to help you grow into a mature, level headed, free thinking, questioning and intelligent human being and not a big fat shitty asshole - and believe me, there are tons of those around and tons on the LGBT scene as well.

We do not need some spoiled brat - some beautiful young thing, who assumes she / he is the best thing to hit the air waves / internet, telling us how to cook, clean, make a bed, travel the world, make things, destroy things, how to act in a relationship or even what underwear to wear and I MOST CERTAINLY do not need some young thing telling me how to live my life when these people are dumb schmucks who have little experience at - ANYTHING - and here they are trying to share their boring little lives 'on line' and these sad and somewhat pathetically empty people - actually follow their every sad little move.

It's not as if these ' influencers ' are extra clever or share something of value, you know, the meaning of life - something a little more in depth than the usual brainless garbage many blab to their equally bland and boring followers.

What is wrong with people these days. They follow these influencers as if they are Gods and WTF takes any notice of them ??? Sadly - hundreds of thousands of people, and that is one sad state of affairs.

These people, for all the advantages they have that we didn't, are dense and dumb people afraid to talk face to face and are so use to being ' on line' that they cannot cope with personal human interaction NOT through a screen. How sad and pathetic these people are and we may not have had the advantages they have today, but we played outside, we breathed fresh air, we watched minimum TV and we grew up to be decent human beings whereas - I cannot say the same for these millennials.

Shallow. Vacuous. Insecure. Arrogant. Entitled.

Demanding. Expecting. Patronising their elders.

Were we like that in our day ? Did we think we invented sex and everything else when we were in our 20's. I don't ever remember having such balls as these people have today and the sheer cheek, the nerve, the audacity of how they act is appalling, and yet, is how it is done these days and I do feel sorry for the future under these entitled brats.


Three University students dodged exam because they did not study. They came up with a plan, got themselves dirty using grease, then went to see the Lecturer” Sir we are sorry we couldn't make it to the exam.

We attended a wedding and on our way back the car broke down and we became so dirty as you can see".

The Lecturer understood and gave them three days

to prepare. After three days, they went to the Lecturer very ready for the exam because they had studied.

The Lecturer decided to put them in three separate classes with only four questions in the exam paper as follows:

1. Who got married? (25 marks)

2. Where was the reception held? (25mks)

3. Where exactly did the car break down?


4.What type of car broke down? (25mks)

Marking scheme: your answers must be the same.!!!

As we speak, they are still in the exam hall writing !!


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