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It doesn't have to be big.

One of my biggest clients when I was a sex worker was a man who was over 6'6" tall and built like a brick shit house ( ? ) - a HUGE solidly built man of pure bulk and muscle. Huge. Made me feel like a pencil beside him. he was SO handsome - SO built - SO masculine that if you saw him in a club - you would just stare at the manly outward appearance of this giant.

Sadly - he had the dick and balls of a 3 year old. His testes had not come out all the way and were still half in and half out. His dick was - when hard - at best - 3 inches long and he always stated not to play with it as it wouldn't get hard as he did too much toot ( cocaine ) and how it stopped him getting a hard on ( like many drugs ) and that - I am glad to say - he just loved laying back, legs in the air and getting fucked.

Perfect for me. A big masculine man who wants to get fucked - as I am the slim one with a huge dick but - and I am aware of this - I am not the most manly, masculine thing that ever lived and most think me a passive bitch not a hung top... and just proves that you can never judge a book by its cover.

To be such a huge man and with such a tiny teeny dick is some karmic journey from past lives and something for him to come to accept.

My American lover may have been similar, tall handsome and built but his multi millions could never give him a big dick and he was SO FUCKED UP - SO RESENTFUL - SO ANGRY about his small dick it TOTALLY ruined ANY relationship with his gay brother ( hung like a horse ) and even with myself, his lover, who he resented enormously and it was hard to have a relationship when someone is constantly bitching you about your dick and when truth be told, he was so jealous - so resentful - so bitter - it eventually ruined our relationship.

And all because of the size of his dick.

My answer - as long as it works, make friends with your dick and enjoy what you can do with it.

If you have a tiny dick and have had problems - let us know, share your story with us, just as being extra hung has its problems, so too does having a small pecker - so why not share your experiences with us here.

Where is YOUR input for this newsletter ?

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