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It goes both ways

In the pictures below you can see a woman "sexually harassing" a worker dressed as "Gaston," the Disney character from "Beauty and the Beast." The woman asks for a photo, and then leans towards him to touch his chest without his permission, in front of a crowd of people (mostly small children). The man, who initially acted in character, suddenly breaks character and tells her to leave.

Pointing in the opposite direction, he says: "Please leave." The woman attempted to touch him again, but Gaston stopped her and continued to ask her to leave. Then she said, "Really?" Gaston replied, "Yes, you're done. There are kids here!"

Not only did she jeopardize the man's job, but she also touched him without his permission. As soon as the video appeared on the Internet, hundreds and hundreds of comments claimed that the man overreacted, that it wasn't so bad, even some comments that are purely ignorant like: "He's a man, he must have liked it." Something many people think.

Let's clarify a couple of things:

Just because he's a man, it doesn't mean he should like a stranger groping him without his permission. They are being filmed; such an interaction could jeopardize their job.

Disneyland is a "family-friendly" place; this kind of behavior is strictly penalized.

If we reverse the roles, and now it's a man touching a woman's chest without her permission, he would already be in jail. Not reported, nor scolded, in jail.

Equality is equality for ALL, not for some yes and others no,

because then it is not equality.

Women abuse worse than men and see nothing wrong with groping, touching, teasing and molesting men, while if men did anything similar to them, they'd have the police involved and scream rape.



After a funeral decades ago for a friend who had died of Aids, a group of us met outside my house in London and there was one hunky guy in a kilt. ( Fully dressed unlike the picture here, I just liked the picture) A middle aged women attending, jokingly lifted his kilt and instantly he did the same back to her skirt - AND SHE WENT BOLLISTIC. Absolutely ballistic. She ranted and raved and said he has sexually molested her and we all just stood round absolutely astonishes, bewildered - and just starring at her and we were all saying ' But you did it to him first '- and she was so upset she actually called the police.

Police arrived within minutes and she screamed that she had been molested and WE ALL spoke up and completely stated that is a sexual assault had actually taken place, SHE WAS THE SEXUAL BULLY, THE PERPETRATOR OF ABUSE - THE MOLESTER - and she absolutely lost it - completely sobbing and carrying on while the crowd of us, I think it was about 8 of us - just stared at the foolish women throwing such a tantrum and when the police - quite clearly - saw what had happened and asked Scott ( the kilt wearer ) if he wanted to press charges - he naturally said no, as he was not offended but felt she HAD to learn that when women scream about being abused , they had better realize it goes both ways and she had absolutely no right to lift his kilt to see what was underneath any more than any man would to a woman.


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