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Mental health since Brexit and Covid.

The mental frame work of many has altered since Covid and before that - Brexit.

The way many see life, death and the universe has changed dramatically since Covid.

The way we spend money has changed - The way we order food in restaurants has changed - The way the NHS works has changed and even how we see a doctor has changed.

For me, since I was so ill last year for 8 months, has changed the way I work, see the future and manage my daily life.

Many are seeking that ' something special'- those moments where things are okay - settled - safe and secure - where wars and Trump and Boris and Putin and all the troubles that surround us that are crammed down our throats morning noon and night by all media styles - leave us all in a negative frame of mind and not quite how we were before Covid or Brexit hit - and many people are living a very different lifestyle to that of before.

The media keep us in a state of fear as that way, we are controllable. When a customer today handed me some loose change as a tip for my staff, I laughed and handed it back as insulting. Two weeks holiday - Running around helping him with an assortment of things, going out of our way to assist in ways that go way beyond good service offered, and to be handed 90p in loose change as a tip - is absolutely laughable - and where he got it handed back to him and told this was insulting and that - clearly - he needed the money more than we did and to shove his loose change back into his pocket as I was not accepting it.

I find it hard to believe anyone would be so - rude.

You wouldn't spent £40 at the hairdresser and then hand him 10p tip.

You wouldn't take cab ride costing £15 and hand him pennies as a tip.

You'd get it given back as insulting.

Since Brexit and Covid the amount of abuse thrown at people has also increased hugely. When a gay travel agent messes about - A TRAVEL AGENT WHO SHOULD KNOW BETTER - and takes offense when I speak up and ask him to PLEASE be professional and to stop messing me about in the height of the summer season when HE KNOWS how busy we are, it is definitely something new - something that gives him what he THINKS is the right to mess us about - and then complains when I speak up and moan about his unprofessional attitude and how eventually his request for accommodation was refused and his custom rejected.

Many people have changed the way they see the world and each other and many have not changed for the better. It seems many have become more aggressive, selfish and self centred, thoughtless of others and inconsiderate to anyone else's wishes.

Train drivers demanding a massive wage increase while nurses are offered a 1% wage increase after all they have done throughout Covid ( is insulting ) and the train drivers are already on a damned good wage and yet - no consideration for others the unions just want more.

Many assume acting like Karen or Ken works, when we see quite clearly from all the YouTube videos about Karen's, IT DOES NOT WORK and just makes anyone look cringey.

The mental health of the nation is at stake and - we - the people - need to look at our own actions, how we have behaved, how we have altered, how our relationships have changed, and accept and appreciate we have manifested a world that has changed and we along with it. Not always for the better - in fact - mostly it seems for the worse - and it is about time we all took notes, made some changes, and started remembering our JOINT HUMANITY and where WE ARE ALL IN THIS TOGETHER.

Take some time to smell the roses, watch the bumble bees, appreciate the day be it sunny or rainy, enjoy each and every day - as each and every day is a valuable tool to create happy memories for the future and one day when we are really old, we will look back on these times and laugh.

So be nice. Be generous with your time and efforts and appreciate what others do for you and from your heart, and not just because you feel obliged but as a decent thing to do, and if you genuinely cannot afford a tip, then say so and say a big thanks instead and how much you appreciate etc. but do not just take everything for granted and say nothing at all, so just say thankyou and show your appreciation. It really is that simple. Offer the gentle side of your personality and be thoughtful of others and offer kindness in return. Things will improve once we all learn that lesson and act accordingly.


Your comments are welcome.


I think Edvard Munch, who painted The Scream, was painting a waiter who had just been offered a 10p tip ...


John: When I went for lunch at The Ritz in London with a friend - it was the most horrible experience as he was so rude and condescending to the waiting staff, I eventually threatened to leave half way through the meal if he continued his obnoxious manner. He then refused to leave a tip and this was The Ritz for God's sake. He actually waited for the waiter to bring him the change ( he paid in cash ) and then dropped 10p on the table for the waiter. I was stunned. Shocked. Outraged. Lunch was £145 or thereabouts and I was disgusted with him and I left £25 which was more like it. We had such a row in the car going home and I will never - ever - dine out with him again, or go anywhere with him again as I was disgusted at his attitude which, I am not sure he understood even though I barked loudly and blatantly at him, and he seemed to reflect all my words as if I hadn't said a single thing. He was not like this some years ago and I am saddened to see such bad behaviour from him towards anyone, let alone a server in a posh hotel.

Raymond ( Luton )

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