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my article on prostitution

Before you have an attitude about sex, drugs and rock and roll, be aware that the income from the ' illegal ' drug trade and prostitution are counted as part of the UK's Gross Domestic Product ( GDP ) - the amount of money that the country turns over a year - and it includes what many class as illegal monies earned through the black market - so although considered illegal and drug dealers will be jailed if caught, as long as the tax man takes his share, the Inland Revenue will keep quiet about where the money comes from whereas if we are caught working with illegal monies we are jailed. So it seems the tax man is exempt from being classed as a PIMP - taking part of a prostitutes income - which is illegal - and the law clearly does not apply to the tax man.
The hypocracy here is enormous.
Dear John:
Your write up last week about when you were a sex worker / escort really caught my interest and amused me.
Boy you were a busy man.

I have a confession.

I knew you back then.

You knew me as Camp Tony.

I was one of your escorts on your 30PLUS ESCORT agency.

I was working at the Hilton on Park Lane as a room server and because of this I wasn’t available very often and only did a few jobs for you.

I also worked briefly at a place called Earls Court Clinique and it was awful John. A dozen guys sitting in a room with a large two way mirror. When a punter came into the venue the boss would bang on the wall and we all knew – in our room with the two way mirror, to start posing as someone was checking us out through the mirror and would choose one of us for sex and of course, all the guys wanted the business so would push and shove each other out the way and try and put on the best show so would get picked.

I was picked 3 times in one day and one of the ‘ street boys’ –


JB Comments: Street boys – known better as Rent Boys – picked up punters in toilets and commonly at Piccadilly Circus etc. and were often not the best educated or styled young men and sadly, many were victims to abuse at home and had run away to London and hung out at Piccadilly – known as The Dilly – and punters would take them to a multi story for sex and it was all very down market and full of victims and many of these lads were a bit rough around the edges, from rough council estates in the north and many, sadly, had very little future ahead of them but as a rent boy )

and these lads were furious that the new guy, me, was stealing all their punters and threatened me, and I mean, they REALLY threatened me – and I was out of there straight away and never went back. I had lasted 2 weeks.

Funny thing is though John, I remember the clients I had through you and I never – ever – felt dirty or bad about myself afterwards – whereas I did feel dirty – BIG TIME – after each punter at the clinic. Maybe it was because you were so much more ‘ up market’ than the clinic. Maybe it was because you personally attracted a better class of ‘ client’ – a more upmarket customer. I never minded taking your clients – as you called them compared to punter – and they were all very nice well behaved and respectful men.

It has been 30 years since then and I was on your agency for a while and then left London and found a boyfriend and we were together for 5 years and I have been alone ever since. My choice. I like my own company and solitude so, it suits me whereas back then I was desperate for a lover and a mess without one. How we change huh John.

They were good days yet so long ago, and I remember your flat on Southerton Road and those two Ausies who use to come round.

I shall try and reconnect later in the year and see if I can get down for a few days. I wonder if you remember me.



John: Loved your piece on your past profession as a sex worker. Very interesting reading and not what I thought it would be at all. Not sleazy or down market at all and that's always what has put me off in the past. You make it sound decent and respectful, which of course it is, sad so many see it as down market and sleazy just because it is sex.

Loved it., More please.



I am a nurse. Working flat out on Covid. Years ago worked in the HIV clinics in London. Also went around at nights for sex education and prevention and supplied the street workers with condoms here in Manchester. Saw the street life at the lowest it could get. Victims in so many ways and selling sex was not a good road to a healthy mental state. Many damaged people go into the business and it just damages further. I only ever saw this down market side of the industry and was a great educatuon to read your more upmarket side of things and to be honest, I never saw this side of thjings and always just the victims. Was a good read and an education. Mike.


The sex industry is not as nice - for some - as you make out it to be. Some have horrible experiences and some are destroyed by the business and while it is usually the client that causes the trouble and not the actual sex act, it is often the case that fucked up customers will take their frustrations - not just sexual - out on the sex worker and much of this does emotional and mental damage to the worker. It';s the messed up punters that cause the damage not the worker. Victor.

John responds:


This may very well be true but was NOT my experience at all. Harrods sells milk in its food halls.

The local corner Indian ran shop sells milk as well.

If and when the corner shop is in financial trouble does Harrods help - of course not.,

So why not ? They are in the exact same market - selling milk, but one owes nothing to the other and if one helps the other then that is a decent thing to do, but completely unnecessary as we are all self aware and self sufficient to cater to our own needs and who helps Harrods if and when ? It does always seem to be a one way thing and while we all help in our way, sometimes we have to step aside and allow these people to actually help themselves as if we keep doing it for them, they have absolutely no incentive to get up and get on and sort themselves out and if they just want to sit and be the victim in their bedsit - then that is their choice and we can leave them there with pleasure as their wanting to be left there. No complaints - as that is their choice as we all have free will and here in the UK< we can all do what we want to do without being hunted down and persecuted to death.


I was a sex worker for a couple of years. I was training to become a nurse and needed the extra money. Put an ad in local paper and took phone call sex. Earned enough to help me through and never actually met anyone face to face. Even then, I got some weirdos on the phone and had to limit the calls sometimes. Some really sick people out thetre. Well done you for helping so many. Kat.





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