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Mysterious Rules & Facts About Mormon Life That Leave People Stunned

There is no denying that Mormons have surged into the national spotlight, defying stereotypes tied to polygamy. In 2012, two Mormon candidates in the 2012 Republican race gained attention, though a quarter of voters remained hesitant. How did Mormons shift from outsiders to mainstream darlings? Here’s a peek at intriguing facts driving their meteoric rise. Beyond politics, Mormons are everywhere: “The Book of Mormon” musical triumphed at the Tonys, Glenn Beck, a Mormon convert, grabs headlines, and Stephanie Meyer’s Twilight saga still captivates teens. From Broadway to politics to pop culture, Mormons are making their mark…

Mormonism is One of the Fastest-Growing Religions in the U.S.

Did you know Mormonism is huge in the U.S.? Yep, it’s the fourth-biggest religion, with a whopping 6 million members! And get this: they add about 1 million new members every three years.

Plus, did you know over a quarter of American Mormons, like famous TV host Glenn Beck, actually converted to the faith? So, next time you’re flipping through channels or chatting with friends, keep in mind just how many people are part of the Mormon community.

Membership Has More Than Doubled Since the 1980s

Did you know there are over 14 million Mormons worldwide? That’s a significant number, and what’s fascinating is that more than half of them reside outside the United States. What’s driving this surge in Mormonism worldwide? Well, it’s their commitment to spreading their faith. Their missionaries, mostly young individuals, embark on two-year missions to share their beliefs in distant corners of the world.

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