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Do you make New Years Resolutions ?

If so, how long do you keep them for ?

Until next Christmas / New Year ?

Or - maybe until at least the end of January and then revert back to your old ways ?

Here are a few random thoughts on things we may wish to look at and make changes with in our lives. Or not.

Go to the gym

Stop smoking

Stop drinking

Find a lover

Leave a lover

Be happy

Laugh a lot.

Save my money

Spend more money on me and not everyone else

Take a holiday

Look after myself more and not everyone else all the time

Buy a new car

Move house.

Laugh a lot.

See family more.

See family a lot less.

Be kinder

Get some therapy.

Stop listening to strangers.

Stop watching depressing News.

Sign up to Netflix & watch Sense8

Give a loving home to a rescue dog.

Get a cat.

Tell my lover I love him more often.

Tell myself I am worthy

Laugh a lot.

Leave my unhappy job and find a new one.

Start my own business.

Pay my Christmas Credit Card bill on time.

To make it until next Christmas.

Be more positive thinking.

Stop being down on myself all the time.

Be gentle with myself.

Be thankful to others who do so much on your behalf.

Give more time to hobbies.

Listen to that inner voice.

Stop being a cunt.

Tell others when they are being an asshole.

Tell friends and family how important they are to you - or not.

Get a divorce.

Find my own journey and not rely on others for everything.

Be honest.

Laugh a lot.

Be kind to the environment


Forgive myself for past mistakes I still beat myself up over.

Murder Trump.

Pay attention.

Be thankful to those who help in whatever way.

Visit Hamilton Hall this year.

Pay attention to world affairs.

Murder Trump.

Attend a Cock and Ball Workshop weekend.

Murder Trump ( what - again...? )

Laugh a lot.

Wank off weekly.

Do something meaningful and kind towards the homeless / unfortunates in need of help.

Do it freely and with love.

Stop being an arrogant little shit.

Learn to listen.

Arrange to get John Bellamy on the Royal Honours List.

Stop being afraid to speak up and give your opinion.

Realise the gay community is vacuous and filled with shallow people.

Study and improve my mind.

Tell living parents how much you love and care for them.

Be honest with parents as when gone, you will not have the opportunity and will regret it one day.

Have a better sex life.

Take my meds on time.

Eat sensibly.

Drink less / no alcohol.

and I am sure there are a million other things I could add to this list and one or two even apply to me - and if you wish to add to it, please do. Personally, I never bother as I know I will not keep them.

Maybe make a New Years resolution that by this time next year - you will have done .... whatever .... as at least you have a full year to know you have not managed to do it.

Happy New Year to you all.

John Bellamy


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