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Journalist, Who Demanded Concentration Camps for Unvaccinated, Dead at 33

A corporate media journalist, who controversially demanded that unvaccinated members of the public be taken away to concentration camps, has died at just 33 years old. Ian Vandaelle died after being hospitalized and “declared neurologically dead,” his family revealed.

Vandaelle was a Canadian business journalist who worked as a reporter and editor at the Financial Post.

He was also previously a producer at BNN Bloomberg for over a decade.

However, he was known to many on social media for his pro-Covid vaccine posts on Twitter, now known as X.

Vandaelle advocated for vaccine passports and mandates and called for the firing of anyone who refused the injections. He also suggested that unvaccinated people should be arrested and taken away to concentration camps by their governments.

Stephanie Hughes, Vandaelle’s partner, revealed that he died suddenly.

“It’s with a heavy heart today that I say he was declared neurologically deceased this week and taken off life support this morning.,” she said in a post on X.


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Texas politician goes viral for blunt takedown of Christian fanatics

The state wants to replace public school counselors with preachers.

By Bil Browning Wednesday, March 6, 2024

Texas state Rep. James Talarico (D), a staunch LGBTQ+ ally and rising star in the Democratic Party, is not shy. The outspoken politician is candid about his Christianity and the antithetical version that Republicans embrace.

A recently passed state bill would allow public schools to hire priests and preachers as school counselors – even if they have no mental health qualifications. Several school boards across the state have flatly rejected the idea.

In a speech praising the boards for refusing to hire untrained religious chaplains instead of professionals, Talarico took a hard look at Christian nationalists who have infiltrated the GOP.

“We are here to celebrate an important victory in the fight against Christian nationalism,” Talarico said during a news conference at the Texas Capitol. “There was a bill passed in the last legislative session that would allow school districts to replace school counselors with untrained, unsupervised, and unqualified religious chaplains.”

“We had folks speak out against this bill from across the political spectrum, from across different faith traditions, from across different communities,” Talarico said. “We are proud to announce 25 of the biggest school districts in Texas have rejected this policy at the local level.”

Then, he launched into the dangers posed by Christian nationalists and their dangerous ideology.

“Christian nationalism is on the rise,” he began. “Three years ago, Christian nationalists stormed the U.S. Capitol, killing police officers while carrying crosses and signs reading ‘Jesus Saves.’ Two years ago, Christian nationalists on the Supreme Court overturned Roe v Wade, allowing states like ours to outlaw abortion, even in cases of rape and incest.”

“Let me be very clear: There is nothing Christian about Christian nationalism,” he continued. “It is the worship of power — political power, social power, economic power — in the name of Christ.”

“And it is a betrayal of Jesus of Nazareth.”

“Jesus never asked us to kill police officers,” he pointed out. “Jesus never asked us to ban books, silence teachers, or defund schools. Jesus never asked us to control women’s bodies. Jesus never asked us to establish a Christian theology. All he asked was that we love our neighbor.”

“Not just our Christian neighbors. Not just our straight neighbors. Not just our male neighbors, not just our white neighbors, or our rich neighbors. We are called to love all of our neighbors.”

Video of Talarico dismantling a bill sponsored by a rightwing Republican that would require classrooms to display a Ten Commandments poster went viral earlier this year. While interrogating the bill’s sponsor, Talarico questioned her brand of Christianity, pointing out that her bill and line of reasoning for displaying the posters were contrary to Biblical teaching.

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Sexual misconduct allegations lead Arizona

ex-gay therapist to surrender his license

Floyd Godfrey, an LDS conversion therapy activist is a major player on the "ex-gay" speaking circuit

Commentary by Wayne Besen Friday, March 8, 2024

An exclusive report by Truth Wins Out revealed today that in May 2023, Floyd Godfrey, an infamous conversion therapist, who once compared homosexuality to cannibalism, was forced to surrender his license to practice therapy in Arizona.

An investigation by the Arizona Board of Behavioral Health Examiners concluded that Godfrey had made “sexual advances” against two of his employees and included “an additional allegation that Respondent (Godfrey) asked to get naked in front of him.”

And he may not be so “ex” gay after all…

“Godfrey is a fraud who secured his income by claiming to cure LGBTQ people, but never changed his own sexual orientation,” said Truth Wins Out Executive Director Wayne Besen. “This latest scandal proves conversion therapy is a dangerous front for con artists who use the practice to conceal their moral depravity and disturbing penchant to engage in sexual impropriety.”



Well there you go. Another of life's fuck ups trying to hide his own homosexuality while throwing real abuse at those who are gay by encouraging a phoney Conversion Therapy which is banned in many places as YOU CANNOT CHANGE FROM GAY TO STRAIGHT - just as STRAIGHT CANNOT CONVERT TO GAY - UNLESS - UNLESS - IT IS ALREADY ' IN THERE' TO BE GAY - OR STRAIGHT. PERIOD.

Why do these fucked up people INSIST we are mentally ill and need saving when they can go fuck themselves long - dry and hard and leave us gay men alone. It is ONLY their own fear of being gay that is the problem and as in this case, this cunt - this absolute cunt - has destroyed peoples lives with an appalling Conversion Therapy and he is as bent as a ten bob note - he is a cock sucking queer just as I am - and his double standards are appalling and GOOD HE HAS LOST HIS LICENSE.


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