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Nigeria’s most famous evangelical leader TB Joshua accused of sexual abuse.

Here we go again. Another story of a man of the church abusing those in his care with sex abuse, anti LGBT rhetoric and more.


School district bans the dictionary to comply with Ron DeSantis’s book-ban law. Dictionaries contain words that potentially violate the law's broad language. CLICK HERE FOR THIS STORY


JB COMMENTS: Anyone using a title of 'PROPHET' is NOT a prophet but a bull shitter. How many people in the spiritual world like to use some silly title to make themselves sound important when they are no better, and in many cases FAR WORSE than anyone else - just like this man here .


Nigeria’s most prominent Christian televangelist — and one of its most controversial — physically and sexually abused at least a dozen of his top disciples who had joined his ministry in Lagos from multiple countries and continents, according to a two-year investigation by BBC Africa Eye, in partnership with openDemocracy

Thanks to open Democracy for this article

This pattern of historic sexual abuse by Temitope Balogun Joshua — or TB Joshua as he is commonly known to tens of thousands of Pentecostal Christians — is among the troubling revelations into the man who founded and led the Lagos-based Synagogue Church of All Nations (SCOAN) until his death in 2021.

Other allegations made by former senior members of the church include:

  • How Joshua groomed women disciples into sexual abuse through the use of warped religious teachings, social isolation, physical violence, blackmail and sleep deprivation.

  • How people who refused Joshua’s sexual advances faced solitary confinement and torture at the church compound where senior leaders lived and worked.

  • How leading church figures committed fraud by faking miracles, including people paid by the church to display fake illnesses.

openDemocracy first looked into allegations of abuse by TB Joshua in 2021. A resulting story about how the pastor weaponised homophobic teachings to promote fake cures for what he called the “demon” of homosexuality resulted in YouTube shutting down his Emmanuel TV channel, which was then the main platform that the church had to reach its global audience.


John Bellamy Comments:

The BBC are in the middle of putting on a series all about the abuses this man of God perpetrated on the innocent and on his followers and it appalls that a man who is so adamantly against LGBT and many others, is the most evil, the most twisted, the most corrupt and the most sexually manipulative there is, while hiding behind the cloth of religious pursuit. Claiming to be doing God's work and using religious teachings - and manipulating those teachings to say and mean whatever you ant them to say, is what the Roman Church has been doing for almost 2,000 years odd and here we are, so called holy men ARE STILL lying, cheating, being corrupt and sexually abusive using these religious writings to gain control over people and sadly - the people - are too stupid - too dumb - too afraid and too under the mans control to actually see and say and speak against.

Too often the very people we are suppose to trust, these men of God - and the worst offenders amongst us and they abuse the very people who trust them so - how does that make you feel about the religion they are peddling ?


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