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Oh dear- It's Eurovision as we know it - NULS POINTS.

A politically charged finale also saw Israel booed and the Dutch entrant expelled. It had camp - it had boring - it had tons of songs that bled into one another and tons of dance tracks instantly forgettable and this was the best Europe could offer ???

Graham Norton kept us all entertained and we did enjoy the show, but the highlight for me, turned out sadly to be the worst, the most cringey and the most embarrassing and sorry, but it deserved ZERO POINTS.

The UK was on its usual form again, 'nul points' and they really should either just give up or let someone else take over as what was that song and dance about - more below.

In ‎Malmö, Sweden on Saturday, the top spot in the Eurovision Song Contest was awarded to a nonbinary performer for the first time.

Swiss singer Nemo overwhelmed the competition with the most votes in the finale for their performance of The Code, which saw the athletic 24-year-old spinning on a vertiginous turntable, clad in tights and a cheerleader’s skirt topped with a feathery confection in pink and red.

“This story is my truth,” Nemo sang out, as the audience joined in unison for the track’s catchy hook: “Whoa-ooh-oh-oh!”

The win was a rare moment of unity at the 68th edition of the popular pan-European singing competition, which has been mired in controversy since the contest’s organizer, the European Broadcast Union, declined to exclude Israel in this year’s show over objections from participants and fans opposed to the ongoing war in Gaza following Hamas’ attack on Israel on October 7 last year.

Another nonbinary entrant, Bambie Thug of Ireland, lobbied to include pro-Palestine messages as part of their staging and was rebuffed. Thug was forced to remove a face tattoo that read “ceasefire” in the ancient Celtic language of Ogham.

“F*ck the EBU, I don’t even care anymore,” they told reporters after Nemo’s win.

I did pick the winning song to be in my top 3, so the night was not a waste of time.

The UK gets a big fat ZERO again

As for the UK entry, I was appalled by its dance routine which just made me cringe with embarrassment. It was appallingly sexual for a family show and was no wonder it scored ZERO POINTS GLOBALLY.

Olly Alexander has said that he is going to be processing his Eurovision experience “for a long time”, as he addressed his disappointing final scores after the contest in Malmo, Sweden.

Olly represented the UK at the annual song contest - the campest programme of the year, last weekend, and the UK was back on track after receiving nuls points in the public vote and just 46 points from the jury, leaving him in 18th place out of 25 countries.

It really didn't help his reputation in the UK to dish the flag and what it meant to him before the show and then walk on with a gigantic flag, the flag you have contempt for. He was representing the UK and dished the flag !!! WTF is this man on, or does he REALLY want to destroy his whole career in one mouthful of verbal garbage and lack of thought... or did he think he was on The Muppet Show ?

Mind you, Olly put on a brave face as the scores were announced at the live final, laughing and cheering with his team, and celebrating as Switzerland’s Nemo was crowned the winner with a huge 591 points but then, what was he suppose to do, throw a tantrum and kick and scream ?

“Eurovision 2024 is over!” Alexander wrote in a post on Instagram on 14 May. “I’m so happy for [Nemo], they’re amazingly talented and the sweetest, kindest person.”

He continued: “I honestly I don’t know where to even begin with this whole experience, I’m going to be processing things for a long time ! For now I just want to say I am so proud of the performance and my team, everybody absolutely smashed it and gave it their all to bring the vision to life.'

Sadly, in my opinion, his vision was one of gay men having sex in a tumble dryer and I was absolutely cringing from beginning to end. It was all so unnecessary - and did not add to the rather boring song heard thousands of times before and even heard so many times that night - just another boring dance track.

This is a family show. It is a very camp family show. Introducing men gyrating together was an embarrassment and considering some countries in the EU have strong anti gay laws and others less than enlightened views of LGBT, rubbing their noses in it - doesn't educate - doesn't say ' Hey isn't Britain enlightened - maybe we should follow their path ' - or anything else, it says ' Bloody idiots shooting themselves in the foot again ; - and the result is we scored ZERO POINTS.

What were they thinking ?

This ??? Representing the UK ?

The country that is being taken over by immigrants filling our towns with homophobic attitudes and it is no wonder the LGBT scene shoots itself in the foot all the damned time with foolish displays like this being shown on international TV. Maybe I am wrong, maybe it was in good taste, but then, we scored ZERO POINTS AND THAT HAS TO TELL YOU SOMETHING - IT WAS NOT JUST A CRAP SONG, IT WAS AN APPALLING DISPLAY THAT WAS CLEARLY - UNWELCOMED BY - WELL - EVERYONE.

I am a gay man. Have been out and proud for over 55 years and found this display of male to male sexuality - embarrassing. Imagine watching that with your Mother or with your wife sat next to you.....

John Bellamy


Your views are very welcome.

John. I know you will report on Eurovision so wanted to get in while the iron is hot.

Just watched it. Been over an hour since it finished. I do wonder what the UK is doing by having such a display of man to man sex on stage like that. No wonder we scored so low. I was shocked and covered my head in my hands and could only watch through my fingers like a child watching a horror film. Oh John, it was awful.


John: You asked about watching Eurovision. I never usually am interested but thought I'd give it a go. You are right - it is a very camp show and loved Graham Norton's humour throughout. BUT - the UK entry, I was sat with my wife and 2 daughters ( 18 and 15 ) and even they were giggling when the UK started strutting male sex on the screen. That's what it was - male sex spinning around and my daughters kept side glancing their mother and me to see our reaction and I had to play it cool, you know, the enlightened dad, but when my youngest said ' Well that's all a bit much'- I had to agree.

Eurovision on the whole was fun watching, just the UK song and dance was worthy of ZERO POINTS.

William B.


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