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Peter Tatchell is safe and sound

Dear John,

Your kind, generous donation to the Peter Tatchell Foundation's #NoSportsWashing / 2036 Olympics campaign is very much appreciated.

My PTF colleague Pliny Soocoormanee and I are now safely out of India. We were placed under ‘house arrest’ in our hotel in Mumbai. We were also served a draconian legal notice preventing us from any "protest, lobbying, leafleting and press conference" in connection with the International Olympic Committee (IOC) meeting in the city.

We were eventually allowed out of our hotel, after the UK Foreign Office made representations on our behalf. But then police motorbikes followed us around the city watching our every move, making sure we got nowhere near the IOC meeting. They even trailed us when we visited the Gandhi House and Museum.

Thank you so much for your kind message of support and encouragement.

The Indian state may have tried to thwart us but we won’t be silenced. Our campaign will continue. Nearly all the potential bidders for the 2036 Olympics are homophobic, sexist dictatorships: including China, Turkey, Egypt and Qatar.


While we were in Mumbai, the IOC issued new human rights guidelines. We are sceptical and fear it is just more spin and PR. So, the PTF will keep up the pressure to make sure the IOC delivers.

It was heartening to know that you had our back when we were in Mumbai and under duress. That was a great reassurance to Pliny and I.

MUCH GRATITUDE! - now and always!

Warmest wishes, Peter

* Documentary, Hating Peter Tatchell, about my 56 years of campaigning, is out now on Netflix. Trailer:


** Please make sure you and your friends receive the Peter Tatchell Foundation's free weekly campaign e-bulletin. Sign up here:

Peter Tatchell

Director, Peter Tatchell Foundation M: 07795 077065


JB Comments:

There are few people who stick out in / on the gay scene and Peter Tatchell is one of those.

Bryan Derbyshire was another.

Back in the late 60;s after the law on homosexuality was changed, there was still miles to go to get equality and many people fought the good fight enabling the law to be changed and many - quite simply - never saw the law change after fighting for it as they did not live long enough.

Bryan Derbyshire was one of these.

Peter Tatchell has always put his life and his safety on the line for all of us and regardless of how you feel about the man, YOU HAVE TO RESPECT HIS PASSION AND DRIVE and those who do find fault, need a serious dose of appreciation and learn to say thankyou.

It is good to know he is safe and thank you Peter for drawing our attention to so many items many of us would simply miss.


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