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Reasons why we should NOT visit Florida.

DeSantis - the Governor of Florida - has terrorized Florida’s transgender community for years. In 2021, he signed a bill banning transgender girls from participating in school sports on the first day of Pride Month. In 2022, his administration told schools to ignore federal protections for trans students, and DeSantis signed his state’s infamous 'Don’t Say Gay ' bill.

He signed a law banning gender-affirming care for trans youth and restricting it for trans adults in 2023, and his administration tried to punish a venue that hosted a “Drag Queen Christmas” show. His administration even tried to ban AP Psychology from schools because the course discusses LGBTQ+ identities.

He proclaimed a cis woman the winner of a race because she lost to a transgender woman. He said he wanted families investigated for allowing their kids to look at drag queens and potentially take those kids away. He made up a bizarre story about no one attending an LA Dodgers game during that team’s Pride Night. He also made up a story that involved a school making a kid transgender behind their parents’ backs to justify the Don’t Say Gay bill. He promised to ban transgender people from the military if elected president, and he has waged a war on the Disney Corporation for issuing a press release opposing his Don’t Say Gay law.

DeSantis also signed a ban on drag performances in front of children in the state, but he won’t even answer questions about how he allegedly wears heels in public.

Florida is a stunning state - flat as a pancake - full of theme parks, old age pensioners and Cubans. If you are taking a cruise of the Caribbean chances are you will set sail from Fort Lauderdale and Miami is a big city.

If you wish to ignore the politics that deny and damn, then you are uncaring about others.

If you ignore what is going on to other people, then you are cold hearted.

If you just blindly live your life according to your own selfish hedonistic pleasures and ignore everything else, then you are a vacuous horrible person.

If you say ' Let's go some place else that is not run by a homophobic transphobic scared little man ' - then top marks to you.




Republicans under Trump are determined to undermine and change the Constitution - where Trump wants to become a LIFE DICTATOR and not have a vote every 4 years - and he is determined to destroy America - to protect himself and to remain in power until his death - so be warned - America is a MESS and a DANGEROUS country.

He is going after the LGBT community in the exact same way as Hitler went after the Jews.

He has stated he ants to jail and destroy EVERYONE - who has EVER opposed him - that means politicians - the media - me...

This bully, this fat old man - this liar and this molester, rapist, liar and thief, wants to run America again, like some mafia don ?

Are the sensible educated and together people of the USA going to allow their country to be destroyed by a narcissistic megalomaniac of a home grown terrorist - and even his wife is nowhere to be seen these days - and who can blame her. Trophy wife at best. Money talks. In fact in some cases, money shouts and screams... and too many are bent out of all shape just to get their hands on the money despite anything and anyone.



Anti-LGBTQ+ legislation that has been languishing in Ghana’s Parliament for three years is moving forward and could be ratified this week, according to a member of the West African nation’s minority party.

A final reading of the Promotion of Proper Human Sexual Rights and Ghanaian Family Values Bill 2021 will be followed by a vote scheduled for Sunday.

Pocan suspects an influential Christian organization of helping pass the deadly anti-LGBTQ+ law.

Despite the years-long consideration, the bill is expected to pass the Parliament’s single chamber overwhelmingly. The bill would increase the penalties for homosexuality from three years in prison to five. It would also make it a crime to identify as LGBTQ+ or as an ally, according to Human Rights Watch. Anyone found to provide support, advocacy, or funding for LGBTQ+ people’s rights could face punishment if the bill passes.


The LGBT Community is under attack and we cannot sit back and ignore what is happening just because we have protection in the UK - we MUST AT LEAST PAY ATTENTION AND STOP TURNING A BLIND EYE AND WE MUST STAND TOGETHER.


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