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Russian Naked Men - X Rated

Men are men the world over. There are different cultural looks and styles and culturally some are uncut and others tend to be cut. Some fair skinned and some dark. Some tall and some short. Many cultures have their very own look - like Polish men and women have a ' look' that is very Polish. All men breath and play and want and need and desire and fear and thirst for and have - a penis. Too many focus on penis size and cause wars and fights because someone else has a bigger dick - faster car - bigger tank - my God is better than yours - and all this little boy behaviour needs a Mother figure to tell these children to behave and be thankful for whatever you have and be done with it. Here are some naked Russian men and this humanises them, makes us see men and not monsters. Men and not murderers. Men who are exactly the same as any one of us and all with the same desires and needs. It is only the Putin's and the Generals ( and the likes of Trump ) who want - who need - who enjoy the theatre of war and not the mass of general population who just want to live their lives as peacefully as possible.


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