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Stars are not always what they seem

While we follow the lives and loves of our famous stars closely - ( well some do ) we are always shocked when we find out they have another side - a less than appealing side to their personality and while this remains within us all, we seem to expect better from famous rich people, but God knows why as they are human after all.

James Corden

I never watched this man when he was on TV here in the UK and only really beca

me aware of him through Car Pool Karaoke - and I have to say that while I have always considered him to be an arrogant, egotistical, attention seeking horrible human being, I cannot deny he is talented and is brilliant at what he does, along with all the writers, producers and so forth that put him up there in front of the camera.

I remember when James Corden first started to be a thing in the US — I think he was in a play in New York City that got huge—there was a general sense from the UK of “You Yanks can have him” as almost no one I speak to here in the UK like him. Many think he is vile. I have never yet met a fan. Maybe if he was known for treating fans badly, that could have contributed to his less than stellar reputation in the United Kingdom along with just being an arrogant asshole.


Amber Heard

It seems like everywhere you look these days, you couldn’t help but see or hear Amber Heard’s name. Her public trial against ex-husband and actor Johnny Deep has made a lot of headlines recently, and for good reason. There’s no doubt a lot of dirt has come out during these past few months. What she has done is show the world how many women fake being abused to ' get one back' against their husbands and she has set women's right back decades as every time a woman screams abuse by her partner, we are now going to wonder if ' She is doing an Amber Heard.' - as in - she's faking it for attention ( and in Amber Heards place - more fame and fortune although I think this might have actually go=ne against her and her career will suffer badly. ) Women who admire her are misplaced as she lied and shit on the pillow beside a sleeping Johnny Depp - ( can you ever imagine anyone doing something so vile and if - as she claimed - she was so afraid of him - then taking a dump on the pillow beside where he is sleeping IS THE ABUSE - and there is no fear of him - the abuse in this instance is from her and just as many women abuse as man, yet we rarely hear of it as women LOVE TO SCREAM AND SHOUT when they feel abused but when THEY are the abuser, most men keep quiet as it is considered shameful and embarrassing.

Not a nice women.


Meghan Markle

There are a lot of things you can say about the former actress and former Duchess of Sussex Meghan Markle, but one thing we never thought people would say is that she’s a hypocrite. However, lately, she’s been making headlines once more, this time for her alleged disrespectful treatment of the royal staff members. When it was released that Buckingham Palace was investigating Markle for bullying the staff, it shattered the public’s image of her. It was as if they didn’t expect that kind of behavior from her – she was above it – but now she was just one of those celebrities who treat their staff members like trash. Maybe the truth is she is cheap trash from the USA who knows little about respect and worth and is all about fame and what being married to a Prince can do for her career - her world presence, and it seems it has all backfired on her and she is disliked hugely.


Prince Andrew

People always say that your friends are the family you get to choose, so choose wisely. When it comes to certain friendships, it is important to remember that the people you surround yourself with are the people that will not only influence your behavior but influence how other people see you and your choices. But we’re pretty sure you can never come back from being associated with, let alone friends with, Jeffrey Epstein. Considering everything that has happened in the past few years, anyone that was ever friends with Jeffrey Epstein has been closely watched since the many trials unfolded. Safe to say, it is enough for some people to be blacklisted… -------------------------------------

J.K. Rowling

These days it isn’t “cool” to be mean to a certain group of people in society because of prejudice… Gone are the days when it was funny to make fun of someone for the way they looked or the things they did. Everyone deserves the right to feel safe and secure without having to worry about bullies. However, it seems like J.K. Rowling didn’t get the memo on that one. Time after time, it seems like J. K. Rowling comes out of the woodwork with another rude comment regarding some sort of marginalized group in society… The hardest thing about this situation is that she represents the wonderful world of Harry Potter, which can be confusing for many people. How can someone who created such magic be so cruel?


Elon Musk

It is no secret that the new Twitter CEO and Space X and Tesla founder, Elon Musk, has done many things others wouldn’t in order to get where he is today. everyone knows that if you want to be famous, sooner or later, you’re going to have to do some things that you aren’t so proud of. We wish that we could say that we’re surprised, but that would be a lie… Elon Musk has always put his own needs first above anything or anyone else. For a man who has money coming out of his ears, you would think that he wouldn’t have any issues giving his hardworking personal assistant a raise after many years.

At first, people might have thought that Elon Musk was just an interesting and wacky character, but after all of the things he has pulled in recent years, it is safe to say that his “good guy” front is really just a front… Allowing certain people public platforms and turning a blind eye in the name of free speech is not good for anyone.


Mark Wahlberg

Why do some people feel the need to comment on situations that have absolutely nothing to do with them? For some reason, there are people out there that, no matter what, find ways to make situations about them and how they would have done things differently if it was up to them. Just because you’re famous doesn’t mean you’re better than other people… After 9/11, Mark Wahlberg made a statement saying that if he had been on one of the planes that were hijacked, the whole situation would have ended very differently. He was meant to be on one of the flights but changed his ticket a week before… He has since apologized for this statement, but that doesn’t make it any less horrible.

He was known for having a homophobic past - but no news on that front for many years.


Chris Pratt

When it comes to some actors, we tend to remember them as their characters as opposed to who they are as people. Sure, there isn’t anything inherently wrong about this kind of thing, but it can become a little bit confusing if they’re rather different people on a set vs. in real life… Everyone loves Peter Quill/Star Lord from Guardians of the Galaxy and other films in the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU). However, Chris Pratt seems to have rather different politics than what we imagine Peter Quill to possess in the many MCU films. Our heroes don’t always live up to their names…


Ryan Reynolds

I’d like to end this list on a positive note and remind you there are still some okay actors in Hollywood. Reading through these Reddit posts can make us think everyone in Hollywood is a dirtbag, but thankfully, that’s not the case! There are some pretty wholesome people and positive role models in the entertainment industry. One person shared that he’s lost his respect and admiration for basically everyone except for Ryan Reynolds. Others chimed in that Keanu Reeves and Bob Ross are also pretty wholesome! These guys are certainly known for their great personalities – and they aren’t the only ones. Should we make a list of the wholesome Hollywood figures, or would that be too boring?


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