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The Chase's Mark Labbett 'saddened' after controversial quiz decision sparks 'outrage'

Story by Hannah McGreev

Mark Labbett, 57, is best known for starring as "The Beast" on popular ITV quiz show The Chase. The star took to Twitter this weekend to slam the International Quizzing Association for their controversial decision to host their next event in Morocco, prompting a swift response.

The World Quizzing Championships were due to be held in Marrakech, which has proved to be a divisive decision on the part of the IQA.

Mark tweeted on Sunday: "Really saddened that people in charge of World Quizzing, the IQA, have chosen Marrakech as the venue for their top level tournament.

"The LGBTQIA+ members are outraged," he added.

Mark's followers took to the comments section at the time to echo the quizzer's sentiments.

"Extremely poor decision," wrote Jo, while Diane added: "Very disappointing."

Bobby penned: "Perhaps some on the IQA should be questioning their morality, as well as the other subjects they quiz about.

Morgan wrote: "Very very bad decision. I (and other members of the wider quiz community) have called for a boycott of the IQAs events, including GP events until this decision is rectified and apologised for.

Michelle commented: "World quizzing in Marrakech! Did the world of quizzing not see the boycott in Qatar at the world cup because of the anti #lbgqtia there!!!"

Today, the IQA bosses explained that they had listened to members of their community, issuing an apology and announcing that they will be changing the location of the event.

In a statement posted to their Twitter about the International Quizzing Championships event, the team detailed the reasons behind their decision.

"We are committed to providing an inclusive and welcoming environment for all quizzers at the International Quizzing Championships (IQC)," the statement read.

"Following the UQC in Berlin, we sent out a feedback form and two main things about venues came up - 'we'd like to go somewhere warm', and 'we'd like to go somewhere cheaper'.

"With these in mind, we started hunting in southern Europe, but soon discovered that hotel prices have gone through the roof," the statement continued.

"Then the Moroccan team did really well at the FIFA World Cup and so the idea of Marrakech came about. It is warm, and it's less expensive than Europe.

"We read LGBTQ+ travel sites, government advice, and we spoke to the hotel directly.

"We also spoke to at least 20 quizzers across a broad spectrum of backgrounds, including LGBTQ+ players, and everyone was very positive about going to Marrakech.

"As such, we believed all players would be safe and we could deliver a top-class event for you all. The initial response we had when we announced the venue was very positive, and so we didn't expect what followed online.

"None of us are paid for what we do for the IQA and none of us are social media experts, and so we simply didn't know how to deal with all the posts and we switched off the comments. With hindsight, this wasn't the best way to handle things. Sorry.

"We didn't appreciate the distress our venue decision would cause members of the LGBTQ+ community, and for this we apologise and want to reassure you that we take your concerns seriously.

"As a result, we have decided to change the location of the 2023 IQC to ensure that all quizzers can attend with peace of mind.


JB COMMENTS ------------------

Absolutely gormless fuck wits.

So they may very well be volunteers who are not paid but they are useless volunteers if all they do IS NOT THINK - ACT LIKE A GORMLESS MORON - as just after all the fuss and the boycott in Qatar over LGBTQ rights - and these fools completely ignore all that and - if we are to believe them, they didn't think ?

That's how people get killed.

Someone didn't think.

Then these volunteers who host this group need to resign and make way for people WHO DO THINK and DO NOT cause and create disharmony and an absolute moronic decision to go to a LGBTQ UNFRIENDLY country KNOWING THE PROBLEMS THAT DECISION WILL EVOKE.

Dear God, who are these fuck wits ? Who is it that constantly fucks things up for others - and then claims they didn't know ?

In the meantime peoples lives are hurt and even ruined because some clown 'didn't think.'


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