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The Dodgy Aussie Polly

By Michael Shrimpton - March 18, 2024 - Pictured below.

-March 18, 2024

Australian Security Intelligence Organisation chief Mike Burgess dropped a bombshell a couple of weeks ago when he announced that an Australian federal politician, no longer in Parliament, had been on the payroll of a foreign government. ‘Polly’ of course is short for ‘politician’ and in this context at least is nothing to do with parrots.

The Aussie media went into a feeding frenzy for a few days and then into shocked silence as the implications began to sink in. The hostile state in question was quickly revealed to be the People’s Republic of China, which has a track record of interference in Aussie politics going back to the 1960s. Chinese intelligence were of course behind the shameful attempt to assassinate Labor leader Arthur Calwell in 1966.

Peter Kocan, the gunman, was sentenced to life imprisonment, but served only a short time in prison before a transfer to a cushy mental institution, although the jury found him criminally responsible. He was released after only 10 years, presumably after interference from Canberra. Calwell was replaced as Labor leader the following year by the Chinese agent Gough Whitlam.

Arthur Calwell

The Chinese had more success with the Prime Minister, Harold Holt, who was kidnapped on December 17th 1967 in an audacious operation, having been persuaded to go swimming from Cheviot Beach in Victoria. The poor man was interrogated on board a Chinese sub and then murdered, his body being weighted down and dumped overboard.

The MSM have of course obsessed on the lone gunman theory re the Calwell shooting and have never looked behind Kocan. So far as I am aware there has never been an intelligent piece of writing on the Calwell Assassination Attempt in the Australian media.

Similarly the commentary on the Holt Assassination has been ill-informed and unintelligent, obsessing on the theory that the Prime Minister was taken by a shark. As I point out in Spyhunter having Prime Ministers being eaten by sharks is not actually an everyday occurrence. (‘Dang, I see yet another Prime Minister has been eaten by a shark – it just keeps happening.’)


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