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The Dodgy Indictment

By Michael Shrimpton

I hope this finds all y’all happy Easter Bunnies! Sleazy Manhattan DA, no offense intended, Alvin Bragg, is heading for a fall. As explained below his indictment against President Trump is heading for dismissal, even in front of a with respect biased judge. The fatal legal flaws in the 34 count felony indictment have been cruelly exposed elsewhere. There are however serious counter-intelligence questions to be asked about an indictment very obviously aimed at derailing President Trump’s re-election bid.

Three times very properly stopped at gunpoint by NYPD officers as a youth, Bragg is also involved in the corrupt prosecution of that nice man Steve Bannon (hi Steve!). In his with respect undistinguished legal career Bragg has been sponsored by several dodgy individuals, including Eliot Spitzer, who was forced to resign in 2008 after a prostitution scandal. In 2017 Bragg was appointed Chief Deputy Attorney-General of New York by Eric ‘von’ Schneidermann, who was forced to resign the following year after it emerged that he had indulged in serious sexual abuse of women.

Alvin Bragg

Moreover Bragg has admittedly been bankrolled by George ‘von’ Soros, publicly identified as a German (DVD) agent by my distinguished colleague Dr Robert Kaplan in Jerusalem. Soros never sued, although the allegation was stated in Dr Kaplan’s with respect very well-written book.

A number of colleagues in the broader intelligence community assess that Soros is a senior DVD officer. He is strongly pro-EU, a supranational organisation founded by German agents after World War II, in accordance with a plan drawn up in 1939-41 by the Reich Ministry of Economic Affairs, with a view to reasserting German domination of Europe. Notoriously Soros is also believed to support the UN, another body created by the Abwehr, by agents such as Secretary of State Edward Stettinius Jnr and George C. Marshall, author of the eponymous plan to reward the Axis powers for starting World War II.

The views shared in this article are the views of its author, Michael Shrimpton. Hamilton Hall is very open to offering alternative narratives on any subject as long as it does not instill , promote or value abuse, paedophilia or any such hate filled rhetoric that just causes trouble. If anything here gets you thinking, then that is good.


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