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Things I dislike

Well there is an article about my favourite things, so naturally, this comes next.

I say DISLIKE rather than HATE - as I DO NOT HATE ANYTHING. I might dislike, but hate is such a bad energy and not one I have ever experienced or want to.

Bad Customer Service - ( sadly to be found almost everywhere )

Entitled people ( known as Karen and Ken )

The gay scene - ( although there actually isn't such a thing.)

Cheesy smelly dicks ( Learn to fucking wash )

Attitude fucked up faggots ( they walk amongst us )

Ugly people - ( not physically ugly but as a person - ugly. )

Time - it goes too fast

British Telecom ( truly one of the most incompetent company's going.)


Too tight a foreskin

Shitty asses

People with no manners

Thoughtless people

Unclean people

People who take advantage.

Loud annoying people

Builders who do not turn up on time.

Those saying they will send a quote and never do.

Shop staff with attitude.

Cruelty to animals

Attitude in general

Self service in McDonald's


Traffic Wardens

British Business Gas ( Thieving lying incompetent bastards )

Technology ( it's meant to help but often doesn't.)

Self Service Tills in supermarkets.

Women who feel entitled

Aggressive lesbians

Aggressive trans

Aggressive gays

Those who talk crap

People with small / narrow minds

Evangelical Christians Transport for London ( Thieving lying cunts )

Child molesters

Bad parents - and there's enough of them

Guns in America - absolute madness

Alcohol - far worse than all the illegal drugs put together.

Oh I have realised there is one thing I hate : - TRUMP.

If you have a list of your own, share it with us here.


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