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'Vaccine victims' left with life-changing injuries from the Oxford-AstraZeneca Covid jab

'Vaccine victims' left with life-changing injuries from the Oxford-AstraZeneca Covid jab say they've been censored online when speaking out

Story by Eirian Jane Prosser  - Daily Mail

We were affected by this at Hamilton Hall - SCROLL DOWN


People who were left with life-changing injuries after being given the Oxford-AstraZeneca Covid jab claim they have been censored while trying to speak out on social media about their symptoms.

They believe they are vaccine victims who suffered a number of severe reactions, including a father-of-two who formed a blood clot after being given the vaccine in spring 2021 causing a permanent brain injury. 

The man is in the process of suing the pharmaceutical giant at the High Court in London over the injury, while the widower of a woman who died from the jab has also brought a claim. 

Now other 'victims' who claim they reacted badly to the jab who are not involved in legal proceedings have claimed sites such as Facebook have given them 'warnings' when they have tried to speak to others about their experiences. 

They alleged that they are being forced to 'self censor' and speak in cryptic language to avoid having groups shut down, the Telegraph reported.UK

UK CV Family - a private Facebook group with over 1,000 members for those who claim they were left injured or bereaved by the Covid vaccines - has had to take steps to avoid being shut down.

The group began in November 2021 Charlet Crichton, 42, after she suffered an adverse reaction from the AstraZeneca jab after it was given to her while she was volunteering at a vaccination centre in Folkestone, Kent.

Vaccine 'victims' suffered a number of adverse reactions, including blood clots and strokes. Some tragically died after receiving the injection.

The bad reaction led Ms Crichton to become bed bound for weeks and has since been forced to give up her Sports Therapy business which she ran for 13 years.

She told the paper: 'I set up the group because I was finding people online in the UK like me. And we felt we didn't have anyone to talk to about it apart from each other.'

The Facebook group is now one of three online groups for those bereaved by the vaccine to have been granted core-participant status in the Covid Inquiry.

This means Ms Crichton, who claims she suffered from myocarditis following the jab, and other members of the group will be able to give evidence throughout the statutory process.  

In the page's description it stresses that it is 'not anti-vax' and asks participants to 'refrain from posting anything that suggests otherwise'.

'We very quickly learned that we had to self censor, otherwise we'd be shut down,' she added, explaining that her own comments had previously be blocked 'to prevent misuse'. 

A father-of-two is in the process of suing the pharmaceutical giant at the High Court in London over the injury, while the widower of a woman who died from the jab has also brought a claim to the court.

On one occasion Ms Critchon said her account was even banned after Meta claimed it did not meet its standards, while she claims others have been shadow banned - meaning individuals posts are hidden - over their comments.

'It's very, very difficult because we want to talk about what we're going through,' she added.

On a separate occasion, YouTube tried to censor a video of lawyers giving evidence at the Covid Inquiry about the vaccines. The streaming giant said the clip was a violation of 'medical misinformation policy'. 

The paper also said that footage of Stephen Bowie, a member of the Scottish Vaccine Injury Group who suffered a spinal stroke and blood clots following the jab, was also flagged with a similar warning. 

Molly Kingsley, the co-founder of Us4Them, said the restrictions put in place by social media platforms were 'Orwellian' after her views by the Government's Counter Disinformation Unit were allegedly criticsed by YouTube.

MailOnline has contacted Meta, YouTube and AstraZeneca for comment. 


Your input is invited.

Have you been affected or anyone you know ? Share with us here.


John Bellamy Comments

When one of my staff members had his first injection - ages ago now - he started complaining about how his arm was sore, and it seemed to be really sore as he kept on about it day after day. He called 111 and they passed it off as just a sore muscle but it persevered. His own doctor passed it off as well and just said it will get better. It didn't and NO ONE TOOK HIM SERIOUSLY AT ALL - Not one single doctor, or medic or nurse anywhere.

I appreciate at the time there was a global medical emergency and most medical centres and hospitals were in melt down because of Covid, with staff off sick, people dying all around them and here was a man complaining about the vaccine making his arm sore.

Many were likewise passed off as just moaning - and here we are some years later and while his health is fine, he still has a sore arm. It is not - it seems - life threatening, but to just ignore and pass off as insignificant when CLEARLY there has been a small problem with these injections for a few, this should not - especially now - be overlooked. Who knows what havoc Long Term Covid is going to present to the world and the same goes for the injections.

I had them all. I trusted they knew what they were doing and I followed the line of other (?) elderly people in to get our jabs, and I had no problems at all - BUT - some people did and probably announcing that would have put many off having the jab - and so people and organisations were shut up - censored - had Facebook and twitter accounts closed, and this anxiety and frustration for those who had signs of ill health BECAUSE of the jab, not knowing who to turn to - who to talk with, who would understand or simply someone going through the same thing, would have helped those in need - as just knowing it is not just you and you are not the only one, absolutely helps.

Mistakes were made as this was the first global melt down of health - and obviously governments were going to get it wrong - fraud was going to be made, government officials are to be seen as useless and corrupt and the world went mad and insane for a while, and now in the aftermath of it all, we need to look and examine all aspects of what went down and treat those who are still suffering with kindness, understanding and NOT act as if they are nuts, putting it on for attention or anything else.

No more brushing it under the carpet.


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