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What do you think is really great about being over 70 years old?

The best part is being more at ease in expressing your opinions, and in being yourself. Who would you want to impress at this age? I am also surprised at the caring and kindness that still exists. It used to get annoyed when folks offered to help me carry things, or hold a door open until I got there, etc. Then I had an attitude change when I came to terms with being older, and the blessing that there are still young people who care about older folks and simply want to help. Grandchildren, if you are fortunate to have them, is the greatest blessing of all!


Oh John, Since turning 70 - and actually a few years before that - I learned not to give a damn what people think and if they don't like it -they can take a running jump as I am really not interested. Maybe my world is shrinking and I am becoming selfish, too insular while paying attention and having a voice on so much more than when I was younger, and the thought of who I was back then compared to today, I like me now. I like the power being older gives me and one, is that I am more invisible that I was when younger and that serves me very well. Stewart. --------------------------

I suppose I became more aware of this after I retired and paid more attention to my grandkids and their friends - THE ATTITUDE OF THEM --- ASTOUNDS ME. Arrogant little shits the lot of them. Rude, condescending and patronising to anyone who does not fit into their world and absolute arrogance when I tell them I am not on Facebook or Twitter. What is wrong with the world today that this entitled attitude is so strong amongst those who do nothing to deserve it. I appreciate it was very different in my day but society is no stronger for these attitude arrogant people, it is weaker for it as many feel inferior .



Hi John. My wife died when I was 70 and she was 66. I felt alone but a whole new life opened up for me when I met George at an event for local elderly people. Our eyes met across the room and it was instant erection for me which had not happened in a long time. I then moved into a retirement flat and he is in the same block as me and we enjoy nights together and hang out together and never knew my gay side existed until then. We spend most evenings together and I feel re born.



People call me a miserable old cunt John. They really do. Since getting into my 70's I so resent the younger people of today. They have it all. They are arrogant. Self opionated. Earn fortunes being youtube influencers - and what a load of bollocks that is - and I resent how people do not see me any more, treat me like and old fool and patronise me. I have no family and am alone and hate this life. People offer things for me and I refuse as why should I accept charity.

Harold JB REPLY ( Oh and you must be a bundle of laughs at a party - NOT - Think it is time Harold that you accept your lot in life as an older man and made the best of it - or end up dying all alone and no one , not a soul, will know or ever care. If that's what you want, then you certainly are going the right way about driving others away and being that ' miserable old cunt' you state people call you. It is all a frame of mind Harold and you need a reassessment of your thinking process. )


I was fast becoming a miserable old fart until I met Simon. A local builder who did some work on my house and although married and with children, he realised I was gay and - long story - we shared a wank and a cock suck together one afternoon and while it was his first time and nervous - I reassured him I was discrete, clean and honest and available any time, and this has now become a regular thing for us both and it is delightful. A real butch masculine builder all for myself... He is also very well hung and while his wife complains about the size hurting her, there are absolutely no complaints from me and while we don't always fuck, at least the size is not a problem for me at all and is Heaven sent.

This all happened since turning 70 and my sex life was not this good in my 50's and 60's. And he has repaired and done all sorts of improvements around my house and not for money, but to make life easier for me and I look forward now to his twice weekly visits - tools in hand to look like the builder is here - so this is our big secret. Happy Days.



John. I am 82. Married. 2 grown sons and a daughter but none have provided any grandchildren so my wife and I are alone. All three kids live - one in Canada and two in New Zealand, so no weekly visits. I use to visit gay escorts for decades until I just got too old. My wife knew. She was absolutely okay with that. I swim every week, go to yoga for old people, do all sorts of local things and these days have little time to myself, and I love it. I can say what I want and don't worry about what others think, I can be invisible if I want or visible when needed. I speak up for the poor and the homeless and those disenfranchised from society and volunteer my time in feeding the homeless. Now when I speak, I do so with authority. Frank


I live alone. I sleep alone. Most of what I do is sadly - alone. I get your Blog each week and do so look forward to it as it gives me something from a gay man to entertain and educate me further and not just the naked pictures although, I do delight in them all. Hairy or smooth. I am also deaf and live miles from anyone in the country and see few people per week, and most days no one at all. I refuse to pay for a private hearing aid as the NHS ones do not work for me and this isolates me further. I usually take 4 cruises a year and have missed that with Covid and the like but even on a cruise, I am alone as no one talks to me.


JB RESPONDS So you could make life a lot easier by BUYING A HEARING AID and at least you will be less isolated . You know what is the problem and you know what the answer is - yet you do nothing about helping yourself Robert and just complain about being alone while part of the solution, a hearing aid, would help enormously. Going on holiday; - who wants to spend their time with an OAP and one who is deaf - it makes it no holiday for them but the feeling they are carers... so get your hearing aid solution sorted and this would open up a whole new world for you. I see it here occasionally, hard of hearing leaves people out of conversations and laughter, and they sit back all alone in a room full of people sharing a laugh, and they are left out of it because of their deafness when a hearing aid helps. Even my twin brother now wears hearing aids, it just helps and he is not deaf, just 67 and find they do help ...


This report of the behaviour of an elderly women leaves a LOT to be desired - Below:

Woman, 72, detained on suspicion of attempted manslaughter after alleged incidents at hospital in Germany

A medical ventilator. The alleged incident took place at a hospital in the south-western city of Mannheim.

A 72-year-old woman in Germany has been arrested after she allegedly twice switched off a hospital roommate’s ventilator because she was annoyed by the sound it made. The woman was detained on suspicion of attempted manslaughter after the incident in the south-western city of Mannheim on Tuesday evening. Police and prosecutors said the suspect was alleged to have switched off a woman’s ventilator and then, despite staff telling her the machine was vital for the patient, switched it off again later in the evening. A joint press release published by the Mannheim public prosecutor’s office and Mannheim police alleged the woman switched off the ventilator before 8pm after she “felt disturbed by the noise coming from the oxygen device”. “Although the suspect was informed by the hospital staff that the oxygen supply was a vital measure, she is said to have switched off the device again around 9pm,” the statement read. The 79-year-old patient had to be revived, authorities said, and while her life was not in danger, she still required intensive care. The suspect was brought before a judge on Wednesday and taken to jail. Investigations are ongoing. The Associated Press contributed to this report


John. Had to share this with you.

My daughter married recently ( 23 years old ) and my Mother, her Grandmother, decided out of the blue to turn up at the wedding, IN A WEDDING DRESS - to renew her vows to her husband, my Father - after nearly 50 years of marriage and just assumed she could gate crash someone else's wedding and take over. She may be old - late 70's - and she may have always been a bit batty in the head, but this was a step too far and she was escorted out of the venue by security and myself and she was told in no uncertain terms her actions were appalling and I for one, WAS NOT HAVING IT. My Father was always a ' follower ' and had no opinions and just did as Mum told him but for once in his life - once he realised what was going on, and for the first time is my memory, he barked at her loudly and told her off and took her hand and pulled her away and to home. Since then, his dominance has risen and she has been ' put in her place' and while seeing nothing wrong in what she did, Dad constantly reminds her that if she ever plays a game like that again - he will divorce her and leave her all alone, and as most the family is now estranged from her because of her actions, she has the most to loose.

She still says things under her breath - she still mumbles her discontent, and even then, we all speak up and tell her off and of she sulks, which she is likely to do, we all ignore her completely as if she wasn't even there.



When a Grandfather was asked by his grandkids - ' Grandpa - how did you cope with no internet, no wifi , no hundreds of TV channels and satellite TV, no skype and free messaging and no social media. No Twitter. No iphones, no on line dating...' --

His answer was a gem.

'My dears - WE OLD PEOPLE WERE INVENTING IT FOR YOU. Now what are YOU going to invent that will change the world ?'


Don't fuck with old people, they have less to loose.


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