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A Mass Shooting at an LGBTQ Nightclub Left 5 Dead and Dozens Injured. Demand the FBI Investigate It

John, On the night before Transgender Day of Remembrance -- a day that "pays homage to transgender people who were killed by anti-transgender violence" -- a gunman murdered 5 people and injured 25 more in a LGBTQ nightclub in Colorado Springs.

This violence is not an isolated event. It is merely the latest in the more than 600 mass shootings the U.S. has seen in 2022. It also comes amidst a tidal wave of hateful anti-LGBTQ legislation. The violent resentment of a community so defined by love and acceptance is utterly gut-wrenching. As a local mother in Colorado Springs put it: "love will never hurt you. The gays are not coming for you. There is no agenda. It doesn't hurt you to let people be themselves." This shooting is particularly devastating because law enforcement and prosecutors had significant opportunities to stop it from ever happening. Just last year, authorities arrested the gunman after he violently threatened his own mother with a bomb and other weapons. Yet officials did not bring charges or trigger Colorado's "red flag" gun laws. The U.S. government must investigate why this violent, hateful gunman was not held accountable before he unleashed a full-scale massacre. It must also ensure he is held properly accountable this time around. Sign the petition to demand that the FBI investigate this shooting as the hate crime that it was.

Thank you, Miranda Care2 Petitions Team


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