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Coffee Morning for Men.

Coffee Morning starts again on Wednesday May 19th 2021 10.30am - 1pm £10 Ground Coffee, Teas, Juices, Cakes, Pates, Cheeses, and all you can eat and drink
BUT - most importantly
These mornings are open for men who need some company and want to share some time with other men to talk and laugh and make new friends - and some long term relationshops have started through meetings here.

We hear so much how the gay scene is not there for older gay man and how there is nowehere for them to go and how the scene is full of twinks and lesbians and many young gay men have a bad attitude espcially towards us older men - and how older gay men feel that - while they were the ones who garnered the freedoms the LGBTQ community now so enjoy, currently - there are no venues that specialize in events for older men except Hamilton Hall.

All ages are welcome. All shapes and sizes.

All colours

We all have bits we don't like, like a wobbly tummy or a flat ass and we do not tollerate body fascism here as everyone is welcome and everyone is equal.

We do not judge you.

These mornings are Clothing Optional and a space for men to communicate with other men around their own age and where 'straight married but gay / curious / interested men' of which the gay scene has many - to find a safe environment amongst other gay / straight / bi & trans men.

Very relaxed and informal.

Just come and ring the doorbell and you will be let in.

Payment on entry.

Please arrive with your masks on.

Completely discrete & private.

Come and relax and be yourself - and even discover who your self is - as anything is possible at Hamilton Hall.

If you genuinely feel you cannot afford a whole morning for just £10, then call and have a chat vwith John and we can arrange for you to attend a little earlier and help get the place ready and stay on at the end to help clear up and then you can pay what you feel you can afford but - there are no free rides - nothing is for free and - why should we offer it for free, we are not a charity and we owe you notjhing. So - use it - or loose it.



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