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Do you know what Megaphone is?

Do you know what Megaphone is?

You've probably already heard about it, ( actually no I haven't... ) but what is this platform and why is it so important to our fight for LGBT+ rights around the world?

Megaphone is more than just a petition site; it is a fundamental tool for anyone who wants to defend LGBT+ rights , both in their local community and around the world.

All Out members have already used Megaphone to call for the release of activists in prison, to ban dangerous "reparative therapies" and to oppose hateful censorship of drag queen performances.

Each campaign is a testament to the power of collective action: your action.

  • Identify an LGBT+ rights issue that is close to your heart.

  • Create your petition using our intuitive platform.

  • Share it within your network and on social media to gather support around the world.

  • Your initiative can contribute to real change.

It's your right, it's your fight and it's your platform.

Together, let's ensure that no one has to sacrifice their dignity, freedom or safety because of their identity or that of the person they love.

Thank you for your support of All Out!

Mathias WasikProgram Director

PS Creating your own petition in favor of LGBT+ rights anywhere in the world is simple! And we're here to help you do it. In fact, we have created this very useful guide to answer all your questions.



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