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Hamilton Hall is in Solidarity with Ukraine

Hamilton Hall is in Solidarity with Ukraine
Hamilton Hall strongly condemns Russia's invasion of Ukraine and joins other human rights organizations in calling for Russia to cease its violent attack on, and occupation of, an independent European country. Russia is an increasingly hostile place for all residents as well as all LGBTQ+ people and President Putin's quest to expand his control into Europe is a threat to the safety and rights of the LGBTQ+ community - and all people, everywhere.
Russia is a very poor country and its GDP - matches that of Texas - Yes ONLY Texas - and Russia has a GDP of $27,800 per capita whereas the UK had a GDP of $44,100 per capita while in the USA in 2019 the GDP was $63,544. It is huge - and for all its blustering and puffing of chests and swaggering about, it lags a long way behind most European countries and if more sanctions are to be levied against them, where the people will suffer and the mass of poor will go without, once again it is the leaders who take their own people into destitution and poverty because of their own arrogance, ego and bully boy antics.
These have certainly been an interesting last few years what with Brexit and the civil war that was creating in the UK between friends and family with different views and then Covid put a halt to all that and then the Vaccine and Mask Mandate caused chaos and now Russia creating a War in Europe... and you know what - I worry about my toaster burning the toast all the time and setting off the fire alarms - while men, women and children in Ukraine are hiding in basements and underground stations protecting their lives from slaughter at the hands of Putin sabre rattling and trying to show the world what a big macho man he is when all we see is a bully with power. Take away the power and he is just another little bully. The Ukrainian soldiers defending a small island that told the Russian gun ship to 'FUCK OFF' and who were them murdered by the gunship, are heroes.
If his mother was to say ' Vladimir - You've been a very naughty boy. A very naughty boy.' I am sure he would crumble as most men do when their Mother scolds them. CLICK HERE and see the scene for yourself... as with all the tragedy we read about, how about something to make you laugh...


Hi John.

I've not written back to you before, but I thought that I would for your latest email.

First I would like to thank you for the way you have kept in contact with your emails during the past 2 years. It has always been a great read, and the x-rated pics were a bonus (not that I studied them too closely of course, but there were several that needed more detailed viewing. I would say I enlarged some of the photos, but those guys didn't need any further enlarging.)

Second, your views on Putin are spot on. He has more blood on his hands than many other despots and is intent on restoring the USSR at any cost, including the lives of his own people. How Lenin & Trotsky must be turning in their graves with the irony of replacing the Tsar and various Grand Dukes etc with an immovable President backed by super rich billionaires.

Third, your pics this week deserve special mention. Hot moderately hairy guys with matching hairy legs (it's my little weakness). But the black and white photo crowned them all, and I'm certain I'd have done exactly the same as you. All I had back in my youth was the men's underwear and beachwear sections of the clothing catalogues, and they kept me happy..... for a while, until my eyes were opened with more pleasurable activities.

Keep up the good work John.

Big hug to you and all at Hamilton Hall.


--------------------- a very powerful blog John. Well done I agree 101%


Brilliant as ever! I share your concerns about Ukraine and the hideous things that are happening there. Putin is a little shit and will not back down unless forced to do so from within his own ranks if the economic sanctions really hit the Russian rich! His homophobic attitude must make gay Ukrainians fear for their safety even more than most. I don’t like to wish ill on anyone, but a well aimed thunderbolt from heaven would be singularly appropriate!

Stay sane and keep the smoothies cumming!



Evening John

Sorry to ask but I get a strong feeling that this was a nice thought from you and could be a private message from you to me?

If so I appreciate it at an extremely difficult time / journey something evil and imaginable appears spiritually, but john I prey I’m wrong.

It’s emotional hard but keep up the good work, great communication work you do every time




As expected from you John, a powerful and meaningful piece on supporting Ukraine during these times and well spoken. Strong words. Powerful meanings. Good for you John and I admire you for the work you do and the constant care you offer so many in the gay world through your weekly Blog. Love it. Keep it coming. Robert.


John. Read your powerful piece about Ukraine and I did laugh at the end with your connection to ' He's a very naughty boy.' and I laughed. People will often complain when you make light of something tragic but as this is the first sign of healing, I am all for it and besides, people do get heavily bogged down in 'stuff' and need something a little light to relieve the tension. It does not diminish the tears and grief felt for the people of Ukraine at all. Simon H.



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