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Is the leather community racist - and more news

The bear & leather communities have a big racism problem

People of color cannot freely exist in queer spaces. Its time to hold business owners and event promoters accountable.

Commentary by Ali Mushtaq Monday, December 18, 2023


"The child who is not embraced by the village will burn it down to feel its warmth.”

-African Proverb

Bear and leather communities are subcultures within the broader LGBTQ+ community. These communities typically house groups along the lines of heavier body size or sexual/erotic interests. While these communities uplift people who normally exist outside mainstream queer culture, they often have their own internal politics, where some face discrimination based on their skin color.

Many articles and scholarly works have documented these concerns. However, missing in alot of these conversations is the role that financial incentives play in motivating LGBTQ+ businesses to maintain their environments. While I acknowledge that racial prejudice and discrimination are hard to address institutionally, I argue that LGBTQ+ businesses and organizations ignore racism and continue to maintain racist attitudes because they financially profit from this discriminatory system. But there are strategies to hold these institutions accountable.



When I ran 'The Gay Spiritual Group' in London back in he 90's - there were complaints there were not enough lesbians and I am really not sure how you expect me - or any organisation - to drag lesbians in to join the group other than advertise like I did for men. If they do not respond and there is an imbalance of any kind, well maybe that's up to the minority not joining and when it becomes predominantly white - that's because they asked to join. I wanted a more mixed environment within the GSG but if lesbians choose not to come - there is nothing anyone can

do about that. BUT - we did have lesbians and they were wonderful.

If you feel intimidated as the only black, asian, lesbian, gay or any minority WITHIN a minority group, then invite your friends, bring someone with you, make it work and do not always assume the group to be racist or against you when, like us here at Hammy Hall, we welcome men from all walks of life but get few non whites, and that does not make us racist. Everyone is welcome as long as they are male.

Too many like to scream racism when nothing is further from the truth. Claiming the Royals to be racist because they ( someone ) wondered what colour the baby would be, IS NOT RACIST- it is a question asked by MILLIONS of mixed race relationships all over the world wondering whether the child will take after Mother or Father, and THAT is NOT racist. What IS racist - is the person WHO CLAIMS IT TO BE RACIST.

This is exactly the same as mis gendering someone, it is bound to happen and if you are mis gendered - GET OVER IT - and SHUT UP. I am SO BORED with all this pronouns and titles we are all now demanded to respect - and to put it simply - I DO NOT. Respect needs to be earned - NOT demanded. All it does is separate people. It divides communities making scores of smaller communities and then they scream and rant and people loose their jobs all because they forgot you are an IT - and yet even more stupidly as it is plural - THEM or THEY... ( WTF ??? )

There are only two sexes. Man and Women. Children at birth are male or female. DO NOT STATE we should wait and ask the child which sex they are as that ABSOLUTELY makes you look so dumb, and to put it simply - so attention seeking for yourself - it is NOT about the child, it is about the adult SCREAMING for attention and how their little precious one is different and special :- When a baby is a baby ;- a screaming shitting ball of wonder that may be precious to you - but most certainly is not precious to me and is just another screaming shitting boy or girl child.

If YOU assume your child needs a different title and sexuality when still far too young to know anything about it, THEN YOU ARE THE ONE WITH THE PROBLEM AND YOU ARE THE ONE FUCKING UP YOUR OWN CHILD.

That is called emotional and physical abuse. So - are you abusing your own child in this manner while screaming at others ?

The vast majority of people I know who as adults, ARE STILL FIGURING OUT THEIR OWN SEXUALITY and yet here we are expecting a 5 year old to choose a pronoun when the adults are as screwed up about their sexuality while expecting a child to comprehend this INCREDIBLY complex and difficult subject and all we do, is screw with the kids head and future.

Is THAT good parenting ? I think not.

Over 90% of child abuse starts in the family. Is that you and YOUR family ?




Millions of men and women suffer serious health problems with a UTI - Urinary Tract infection and it is serious

John Bellamy Comments -

I was severely ill last year and for more than 8 months I was ' out of action' with a Urinary Tract Infection, and I cannot stress harshly enough how debilitating it was. I was SERIOUSLY ill.

I got very little help from doctors for almost 8 months and ended up at A & E where after an agonising 8 hour wait, and after collapsing on the floor not to be found for over 20 minutes, I was given - at last - the correct medication that helped - this coming after 5 courses of antibiotics that helped, but it kept coming back again stronger than before. So each time - it didn't help at all, it just bought a reprieve for a few days.

I was severely ill and I do remember my Mother being hospitalized for some months when she was ill with a UTI and here I was, in lockdown, loosing over 28lb in weight ( 2 stone - 13 kilos ) and where I seriously thought my end was near. I absolutely thought this was the end.

This article below helps understand what was going on and this does affect men as well and in my case, seriously as well.


Urinary tract infections (UTIs) are usually caused by bacteria from poo entering the urinary tract. The bacteria enter through the tube that carries pee out of the body (urethra). Women have a shorter urethra than men. This means bacteria are more likely to reach the bladder or kidneys and cause an infection but if men bare back they are then at risk.



Urinary tract infections have been a cause of chronic distress for generations of menopausal women. Campaigning journalist Kate Muir argues the problem could be halved if an alternative treatment to antibiotics is better understood. So why isn’t more being done?

Kate Muir

Sun 17 Dec 2023 08.00 GMT

Welcome to the Great UTI Scandal, a story of unnecessary suffering for millions, needless hospital admissions, antibiotic resistance, sepsis-related deaths and basic ignorance of the science around female bodies. Women are 30 times more likely to get a urinary tract infection than men, and UTIs are agonising and occasionally fatal. In the past five years, there were 1.8m hospital admissions involving UTIs in England alone, plus even more GP appointments. This is not just a gender health gap – it’s a dangerous crevasse. But is there another way?

“Killer UTIs! Kept getting them, doctors were dismissive and directing me to chemist treatments, so gave up with them. Got an infection that tracked to kidneys, rang doctors twice for help and was turned away. Ended up as emergency admission to hospital via blue lights ambulance and a week’s stay on IV antibiotics”: @staveleynatalie

My @menoscandal Instagram is filled with messages like this. I’ve written a book on the menopause and made two Channel 4 documentaries with Davina McCall, so tales of perimenopausal pee panic, urethras and UTIs are my bread and butter. I’ve also talked to experts, here and in America, about how we can blitz the rate of UTIs with one simple change in the way we treat women (and some non-binary people and trans men). It could save the NHS millions.

Younger women do suffer from infections, dehydration and post-sex cystitis, but the brunt is borne by older women. UTI rates shoot upwards when women hit 45 and are perimenopause. The loss of the hormone oestrogen leaves the vulva dry in menopause (and sometimes post-pregnancy), a condition previously called “vaginal atrophy” – perhaps because early medics were only focused on those lady parts useful to men.


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