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Naturist vs. Nudist vs. Exhibitionist

One of my new friends and visitor on our recent Puerto Vallarta trip, Daniel, asked about the difference between a naturist and a nudist. I know I've published that info a few years back but there have been a lot of new subscribers since then, so let me break it down.

There is going to be disagreements between different groups about "what is a nudist" and "what is a naturist"? Here's my definitions and how I use them for the magazine:

Naturist: Someone who believes that being unclothed is a natural state and would live this way if it wasn't for society. There might be a natural or spiritual attachment as naturists often feel "at one" with nature and the world around them. Many naturists will say that there is nothing erotic about being nude, while others will claim that the kundalini energy and tantric energy that flows within them indicate that their sexual nature is tied to their naturism.

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Nudist: A nudist is someone who gets naked situationally; a place that is safe. Examples might be at home, at a clothing-optional campground, or on vacation. Some nudists find being nude sexually stimulating while others do not. Being nude does not mean that the environment is necessarily a sexual environment (e.g. outdoors at a campground) whereas in some situations it does (e.g. the backroom of a leather bar.)

Exhibitionist: Someone who gets naked because it excites them to be seen by others -- or the thought of them being caught by others. This doesn't necessarily have to be a sexual high that they experience due to being seen, but often times it is.

You can be a combination of the three. You can shift your position based on the day. There are no hard and fast rules.

GoNaked Magazine and GoNaked Travels welcomes ALL of you. There is room under our umbrella for ALL of you. As long as you are not breaking the law, we want you to be the kind of naked person you wish to be. Whether you embrace sexuality with your naked journey or you prefer to approach nudity with a purist nature - you are welcome here.

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