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Streisand V Jesus

Ever since I was 16 and I heard Barbra Streisand singing 'The Way We Were' - I was hooked.

I suppose I was a typical gay child, I loved woman singers especially those with big voices and who stood up as women and were strong in a mans world.

Shirley Bassey, Tina Turner and of course Streisand.

There were many years when I would collect every papercutting on Streisand I could find and kept scrap books on anything and everything and this was decades before the internet - and decades before we had such accessability to our heroes.

I have read numerous books on Streisand and numerous books on Diana Ross etc. and found the journey into their private lives somewhat not what I had thought.

I have always wanted to know the trugh and when I am fascinated by anone or anything I have always gone out of my way to find out as much as I could - so will read several books from different authors about a certain person or historical 'fact' to get different viewpoints. Then with this wider knowledge, I can make my own mind up and to me, that is a responsible way forward.

So how about doing the same thing about Jesus.

There are more writings available besides the Bible, as old, as genune, as truthful if not more as they have not been translated and then mistranslated and then edited and edited again and again.

How about all those who believe, stop BLINDLY believing and taking as gospel what some panty hoes wearing child abusing priest tells you - and find out for yourself. The priesthood are not the only ones allowed to delve deeper. They do not hold the handle on truth or the ability to search for the truth - or at least more information that might shed a light on otherwise unknown or misunderstood statements made in the Bible - and lets face it the Bible is confusing and distorted in its story telling - and any extra evidence or dialogue edited out of the Bible - must be worthy and must help shed a new light - a different viewpoint - to the bigoted reditorials we have today.

Those claiming it is only for the church to do this sort of thing are denying us as spiritual souls from finding our own path and claiming we have to follow the priests word for anything and everything is no dofferent to the Pied Piper brain washing all the children to follow him and they did, and he stole the hearts and minds of a generation of children.

It is NOT only up to those within the church to ask questions, it is up to every single one of us and anyone claiming we have no right, it trying to stop you finding the truth - trying to deny you the right and trying to limit what you know to what is safe for the church to let you know, and in that case, control your mind, body and soul for the benefit of the church and NOT for the benefit of your human soul.

So I suppose what I am saying s that I have read many different atuithors on variuous subjects to get a broader vioew - and when we are faced with jjst one book - The Bible - and we are toild it is the word of God which clearly it is not - it is the writings of men - often decades and in some instanced centuries later - and it really unworthy of serious study as it is too messed with over the centuries.

So I probabl;y have abertter picture of the life of Streisand than I do of Jesus, as we are so liumited on written material on the life of Jesus other than what is in the Bible - OR SO MANY ASSUME - but there is ap[lethora od ancient documents, writings and prayers that were edited and unused but found in the 40's onwards that can offer a different view.

Here are a few things that may offer a different poicture.

Jesus was short, dark, heavy built, and a bit of a drinker.

Mary the Virgin was raped by a centurion and should have been stoned to death. Her Uncle being an important member of the King David famly, took her away and eventually married her. Her bastard child - named Jesus - was then seen as the birth from a virgin, which ancient writings dispute vigerously.

There are tons of alternative stories based on ancient finds of ancient documents that put a verty diffetrent storyline onto a lot of the Biblical writings as they were massively edited and yet the original documents, many of which have since been found, have been hushed up byu the church ion fear of loosing control and power.

So do not blimndly believe. Read, Study and find out for yourself and do not just beliebe everything a priest , rabbi tells you as all too often, they only know the half truth version anyway.

Never stop asking questions and anyone telling you not to, is denying you truth and honesty and is to be ignored and avoided.



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