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Your views.

Excellent bit of writing ! So much reflecting the views of  many and mine too ,

As you probably know it was Oliver Cromwell that binned St George's Day celebrations originally .

Thank you for sharing,



Last weeks newsletter was your best yet. You write from the heart and good to see you tackling some of the political storm that is coming. I just love how you write and I agree with much of what you say. We are loosing our culture and heritage in a drip drip manner and unless we take note, it will be too late and we Brits will be outnumbered and all our heritage destroyed by lily fishy cowards in government bowing down and kissing the arseholes of foreigners they do not want to offend - but would rather destroy the UK instead of standing up and saying ENOUGH.

Martin M.


Goodness John. I should have known better. I should have known you were not afraid to tackle heavy subjects many shy away from. Banning The Burqa - The Problem with Muslims destroying our St. George's Day - well done and well said. It was as if I had written your articles. Many feel the same way and feel lost - abandoned by those in power, and we have no voice as anyone who does speak up is lost in the noise of those who oppose and shout the louder, and many MANY are UK politicians telling us we are racist, anti Muslim, anti immigration and anti having our country taken over by those who consider US - the infidels. Well this is MY COUNTRY JOHN and I will be damned if I will allow it to be destroyed by these politicians and bullies in powerful positions. I am BRITISH AND PROUD TO STAND FOR WHAT THIS COUNTRY HAS ALWAYS STOOD FOR. Frank L.


John: I know you area dog lover so wondered how you would feel about this. I have a 3 month year old Cocker puppy. She is adorable. My house mate ( I am his landlord ) came home drunk the other night and deliberately - twice - kicked my puppy right across the room and made it scream in pain. My flat mate did much the same while I beat the crap out of him. He was somewhat bloodied and bruised afterwards and he never lifted a finger in his defence. Was I wrong - he hurt my baby, I hurt him. He is now moving out at the end of the week as I cannot have that kind of behaviour in my house. Stewart.

John Comments: If anyone hit my dog like you describe I would probably do the same to them in return.

Well done John. Enjoyed this weeks Newsletter. Especially enjoyed the truthful piece about us loosing power to an alternative religion and how they obviously plan taking over this country as the do so many others. It is time we followed others example and take back control of who comes here and how they live by our standards and stop trying / making us change to their cultural ways - as this is England not some foreign land. You want to come live here then you do by our rules and laws and if you cannot, then you should be shipped out of here the first time you are in trouble with the police. Too many paedophiles coming in from Muslim countries and too many of our police afraid to do anything in case they are called racist. WTF is going on ? Keep it up John. Someone has to. Stuart L.

I was quite astounded by your newsletter this week. I wasn't sure whether I should congratulate you are warn you. Your beliefs and spoken word and shared hugely by just about everyone I know and having been hassled by the police last week while out celebrating St. Georges Day, I hear you loud and clear. Many on the gay scene are followers, they have no real opinion about shit unless it affects them personally and as many are so self centred and how life evolves around the next sexual experience, it is joy to me to see someone who has a heart and a soul and is prepared to speak up. Keep it up John. Keep it up. David S.


Your news and views are getting better John. Stronger content in the weekly Newsletter. You are now standing out from the mass of vacuous gays. I to remember Bryan Derbyshire and how he spoke out against so many LGBT things he thought were damaging, and here you are taking that onto and about so much more than is dangerous not just to LGBT but the country as a whole, and sharing your views on the world stage. I do hope the LGBT world knows what an advocate for change they have in you.

Robert M.


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