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veg garden

I have had a veg bed area built at the back of Hamilton Hall next to the garage. Ordered the bricks before the lockdown and was then told I would have to wait 6 weeks for a 24 hour delivery, which we did - and it was frustrating not being able to get on with it, especially as we were in lockdown and could have used the time... which we did eventually anyway... just 6 weeks later.

I am thrilled.

Honey, my dog, doesn't know what to make of it as the bread I throw on the garage roof for the birds, usually falls on the ground where she finds it later - and now - it falls into these new beds and she has lost her forbidden snacks... Better for her diet and better for the birds.

It looks a bit like a house on a Greek island or a bomb shelter, built in breeze blocks and painted with 3 coats of paint, and now all I need is some more soil, about 2 tonnes to fill all the areas.

2 areas are going to be restricted for veg. One to play with an assortment of things and one bed reserved for flowers, and I am thrilled to get it finished, and might build another smaller bed for Hydrangers, as the flowers and colours are beautuiful and good for using in the house when dried,.... and give such a beautiful old fashioned dispay.

It faces west so gets good sun throughout the day and makes it easier to keep the area clean and tidy - being an emergency exit from the building. I thought I might try Courgettes / Zuccini - Tomatoes - onions, potatoes and even maybe sopmething fancy... but shall wait and see what is available if and when I can get to the garden centre.

This will be the last biggish maintenance I shall be spending money on - unless a roof falls in or something - as each year we put aside a set amount for redecoration, remodelling, rebuilding and replacing whatever we feel needs work. Then each year one large job usually gets done - and earlier in the year the Conservatory was double glazed throughout ... and now with the summer season on hold for hotels and where we - simply - will have the shortest summer season imaginable and with less guests because of Sociel Distancing - and with offering holidays at HALF PRICE in order to help those in need of a holiday, to afford one - and to help us struggle trough the winter months very little -- if any - savings.

Thrilled about the garden. It is the little things in life that brings us joy. WEll, maybe not always the little things... ha ha

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