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a winter of discontent.

As winter approaches, so to does the thought of more restrictions, more closures, more business going bust, pubs closing earlier, schools shut and so much more as this Covid Virus spreads throughout the population - many of whom do not wear a mask, have not cared about social distancing and seem hell bent of forgetting the last 5 months and seem determined to get back to ' normal ' even though what they thought they knew as ' normal ' will not be the case for a very long time.

Passing a local school in the car the other day at ' home time' - the Mums and Dads waiting outside were most certainly back in the old routine of NO SOCIAL DISTANCING AT ALL, and when the children came out from school, ABSOLUTELY NO SOCIAL DISTANCING FROM OTHER FAMILIES - FROM ABSOLUTELY ANYONE - ZERO... and then they wonder why there are so many reported cases amongst school children and teachers.

It is a joke to many.

It is about time these numbskulls got that and paid attention and changed their lifestyle in accordance with what is permisable ;- What is safer :- What to do to protect ones self and others and most of all, stock up on supplies like food and milk - medical requirements, make sure the boiler is serviced and in good shape, and plan and prepare for the winter ahead in case of another lockdown.


I do not want to hear in mid winter when the power is down as the snow has taken down the lines - up north somewhere - that someone has no bread or milk, no candles so cannot see in the dark and has nothing to eat... and if that is the case, STARVE. You know this is a possibility as every year power lines are down some place in the country because of the weather, so get a bag of candles and lighters ( real cheap in the £1 shop ) and then you are ready in case.

Same with food stocks. Tins, jars and frozen foods. Porridge pots. Long life milk.

Of course many get a little stir crazy being indoors so much ( cabin fever ) and ones mental health can take a battering. Here at Hamilton Hall, nothing has changed greatly for me at all. I am home a lot. I walk the dogs and visit Aldi or Lidl a couple of times a week, otherwise I am home - working - and nothing much changed even under quarantine. I missed the company of customers, but on the whole. I had tons of work to do and kept going.

Now that winter is here - we are thinking about what we can offer you all during these cold and dark winter periods that may enlighten and bring some cheer, and your input and ideas are always invited.

Warm and dry, safe and secure, plenty of food and toiIet paper ( ? ) social distancing measures in place, plastic screens in the dining room and plenty of extra deep cleaning and temperature checks every day - of every one - and we really are going way beyond what many other venues are doing.

A recent guest stayed at another hotel one evening to see the cleaner ' vagually ' wiping counters and assorted items so badly, so un caringly as to why - it was a complete waste of time. He should have reported it - Should have brought the venue into awareness that their staff simply are not doing as instructed and putting guests at HIGH RISK - and many still seem not to get the importance of what is happening.

Extra washing of hands - Sterilizing all knobs and handles and banisters etc. Wearing a mask oif less that a meter close to someone.

If you play hard ball and you play against the guidelines then I have absolutely no sympathy for you if and when you become ill. You know the rules and you know the guidelines, you either adhere and follow as we all are doping, or you endanger others with your uncaring attitude and know that you could be the cause of others becoming ill and even dying. Do you REALLY want that on your conscience ?


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