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the year ahead

It is not going to suddenly change. No magic cure, no vaccine and no medication will suddenly be invented and be available to everyone fee of charge and instantly. This pandemic is going to drag on for AT LEAST another year and it may be at least the end of the spring and even the end of next summer before we even start to see some progress with vaccines etc. as we still do not have a cure for Aids and not even the Common Cold as after decades of medical discovery, some things are still beyond our capabilities - so DO NOT hold your breath for a magic cure any day / week / month or even year - soon.

One thing you need not do is listen and follow Donald Trump and start injecting and drinking bleach and disinfactant.

Everything is going to change when people realise getting back to ' normal ' is not going to happen for a long time and the sooner people get their head around that - the better we all shall be.

Playing dumb and imagining an end real soon is not just naive, it is as bad as the Covid deniers in the USA - even though they now see their own President Trump ill in hospital with an imagined fake news illness. Attending busy parties and pubs full of people, regardless of what time it closes - is suicidal. How many schools are now fighting Covid 19 - for when you see parents at the school gate COMPLETELY ignoring any semblance of social distancing or even wearing a mask, and it is no wonder we are entering a second wave that is worse than the original outbreak.

Irresponsible people - like Donald Trump - I have very VERY little sympathy for and if he dies, it will absolutely be his own fault. Clearly, they are not sticking light bulbs up his ass or injecting Brobat or Detton into his system as even you and I know that only a really dumb fuckwit would even suggest such a thing and let's face it guys, 'The Donald' is a dumb - and dangerous - fuckwit.

Holidays abroad - Cruise ships - packed stadiums for entertainment and football etc. packed trains, queues a mile long in Asda at Christmas - Pantomime - Christmas Festivities in town centres - German markets etc. and even Father Christmas is Selfridges and Harrods will not be available this year and we might as well imagine certain aspets of The Holidays are off limits this year and claimed to be dangerous, and to stay healthy, we all need to adhere to sensible and mature distancing and cleaning.

Since March 2020 nothing was the same for any of us - and nothing will be the same for a lot longer as yet and if all you want to do is Fake News everything, then I am sooo bored with listening to you and like those in the USA who have screamed it is all fake and who are now either seriously ill or dead.... NO SYMPATHY... NONE AT ALL... You knew what was going on - You chose to ignore - You choose to be ill and die - Your choice and no one elses.,.. If you made a mistake, then you have to accept your mistake was your doing and no one elses and live and die with the consequences of your decision.

YOUR decision.

Many people and many business are going to crumble. Many will loose their jobs. Small business's will suffer and the High Street which is already on a downward spiral of closing, will get even worse and we will soon only see the corporations governing where we shop, what we buy and even where we stay, as bars and restaurants close never to re open - and after taking handfuls of cash from the government - ( totally corrupt yet tens of thousands are dping it ... bad boys... ) and those of us left open - have been busy since we were allowed to accept guests again. But the winter ahead is going to be a long and dark period for many and lineliness will be paramount.

You could always come and live here for the winter with a VERY special are reasonable price including your own private room, all the heating and utilities incuded, nice and toasty warm with breakfast and dinner - and all the snacks you want between meals - and COMPANY.

If you are staying at home this winter, stock up, be prepared, dont get caught out and if you run out of bog rolls, then you only have yourself to blame.

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