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cut v uncut


The argument about should a parent circumcise their infant boy rages on and on. Many argue it is an abuse. Some that you are deforming your child. Some that you are taking away an important sexual aid and the arguments rage on.

I was cut as a child. My twin brother and I were circumcised one afternoon when the doctor visited the house and my Grandmother suggested we were cut as it was cleaner - and I think the father of two of her children ( not her hubby which was quite a scandal back in the 1920's and this was my Uncle and Mother being born ) was jewish... as we are all dark skinned, black haired and very ' the look ' and may have been why we were cut, even though we are not and never have been Jewish.

I am glad we were cut as you can see from the picture here, a nice big 'bell end' was not witheld behind a tight foreskin limiting its growth.

One of the men on my Escort Agency decades ago we named Torpedo - as he had the longest and fattest dick you have seen and yet, it had hardly any head on it at all, the tiniest, the teeniest little head and as we all know, that is where all the fun is - and during his teenage years when his dick was growing - the foreskin was FAR too tight and witheld his dick head from growing in the proportion his massive shaft was, and by the time - one day - his foreskin split under the strain and healed back, it was too late for the dick head to catch up.

Now: His parents were disgraceful for not checking as their son grew up that this was not a problem. Why are so many parents appalling when it comes to checking their childs intimate areas for problems as they grow as I have seen tight - VERY TIGHT foreskins THOUSANDS of times and some, were absolutely deformed because of this, and as a grown adult, many men are too babyish, to childish, too scared to get it sorted out for themselves and remain all their lives blaming their parents. GROW THE FUCK UP AND HAVE IT DONE / SORTEN OUT YOURSELF.

Many - and I mean MANY - Asian men have tight foreskins that do not come back at all and not only has this witheld the head from growing and so is like a pointy dick - it is full of smegma, the lube that naturally keeps the foreskin lubricated, and the smell this can generate is not pleasant at all... not at all... not a turn on.

Smelly willy is as bad as smelly fanny.

Not pleasant at all.

Circumcision later in life seems frightening but the many men I know who have had it done because of troubles with their foreskins have all said it was the best thing ever. Personally - I prefer UnCut - but know that in many cases, many men have a problem and this is something we, as men, need to look at and not run away from. If your foreskin is too tight and/or uncomfortable, then go get it sorted and if you need instruction on how to use a cut dick compared to an uncut dick, come stay at Hamilton Hall and I will give you som

e free tuition as a good willy is a shame to go to waste.

There are ways to re produce your foreskin,m some by surgery and others using vacuum pumping, but there are dangers toi be had with the latter if yoiu over do it. The thing is here guys - ENJOY WHAT YOIU HAVE and if it is giuving you difficulties, the be a man and have it sorted., It's the only willy you have so you might as well make the best of it.

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