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It was a cold winters night at Christmas.

A story by John Bellamy

Poor Tommy had been thrown out by his uncaring Step Father when he found out Tommy was gay.

Step father couldn't get his head around how another man wanted sex with another man.

Since his teenage days he could never understand how anyone could / would want to.

Not when there were so many girls around.

Now married to Tommy's Mother, and so close to Christmas, he knew - or he at least hoped - that a Christmas Shag would be forthcoming.

Like many married men, sex was usually only available at Christmas, Birthdays and maybe if you behave, on Fathers Day and as it was Christmas, he was hopeful. He knew by now that women use sex as a weapon and only offer it when you have done something special or you have bought them something nice as a surprise present. Sex, it seems, was rationed.

Poor Tommy meanwhile was staying with friends while he sorted himself out. There was little he could do until after the holidays as everything was shut. He had a couple of bags of his clothes and stuff but mostly everything he owned, from childhood, was left at home when Stepfather threw a hissy fit on finding a copy of Gay Times ( understandable as its a journalistic load of crap ) and when he saw adverts for bars with naked men in - sex clubs advertsing naked evenings where you can have sex without having to know their names or where they live etc. and he was horrified but - had a tingle in his groin at the thought.

Step father had never had his knob sucked. Oh he'd had sex with tons of girls before he married - tons of times, but every single one just laid there and expectd him to do all the work. He got married under the 'wrong' assumption that there would be sex on tap any time he wanted - sadly to discover that was not going to be the case at all and after 3 years of sexual frustration, where the wife was always harbouring a headache, was constantly not in the mood or simply caused a row to get out of sex - and he was at boiling point.

Finding the Gay Times pushed him over the edge and out went Tommy.

Tommy settled in with his friends, sleeping on the couch and they were good friends to help him out and being much older than the 18 year old Tommy, he relied on their support and wisdoms about how to procede further. He was still at college.

Christmas was fun and to be in a gay household for Christmas for Tommy was a first , and was the most exciting time he had ever had. His friends respected his space and no one made a pass at him. He was actually wanting some sex but - was too nervous and embarrased, and upset - at his current position, so enjoyed the friendship and left sex alone.

After dinner on Boxing Day, Step Father and Mother had a blazing row. Not over Tommy as Mother seemed not to care. The row was because there was no sex over Christmas and Step Father was having a go - complaining how frigid she was and how unhappy he was while she couldn't have given a damn about his feelings and only seemed concerned with not missing her favoutite programme on TV.

Step Dad stormd out and being as it was the evening, was dark and cold.

He drove around for an hour, and saddneed at his lot in life, sat in a lonely cold car park outside Asda ( which was closed ) and read through the various fuck club adverts that a few days before had disgusted him. He wanted to lean more about his step sons sexuality - so maybe he wasn't such a bad man after all, just sexually frustrated and that often makes a man do and say strange things.

Tommy was worried when his friends said they were going to a club for the evening and did he want to come. They pointed out it was a sex club and Tommy's dick was instantly hard at the thought, so they agreed.

Nervous as anything, Step Father entered the bar, paid his entrance, and was very thankful it was almsot pitch black so no one could see who he was.

It was packed with heaving people as this was the Festive Season and many had come out for a drink on their own, except Step Father had never been to this particular bar before, he just knew is was a sex club and - he was norny, his balls were full, his big dick was hard all day and all night and begging for release, and his dick ruled his life at these times.

' While the balls are full, the brain is in neutral'

He knew exactly how hard it would be to find a women for sex and - even the thought of sex at home was a joke and he wanted - he needed - sex - now - and at this moment, he closed his eyes and thought - ' it's just a bar.'

Tommy was wide eyes at the club. Men and sex everywhere - which made him real nervous. He had never seen anything like it and while his friends stayed close and kept an eye on him, he soon relaxed and found something he thought he could cope with.

A wall full of Glory Holes and in the darkness, the gloom of the bar, he could just make out some dicks stIcking through, and in the gloom, down on his knees he went in front of this one spectacularly large and uncut dick that looked absolutely mouthwatering to young Tommy.

In the darkness of the corner of the room, Tommy found what he enjoyed the most - sucking on a big fat uncut cock, and the dick in question more than obliged with an in and out motion fucking his mouth and throat through the hole.

Step father hid in the corner watching until finding something he had never seen before. A dark area so dark he almsot walked into someone - and these holes in the wall at - well he guessed it right - dick height.

He was shaking now with nerves and excitement as he unzipped and looking around in the darkness and sure no one could see him, put his cock against a hole and slowly pushed it through to instantly find a warm mouth around his knob end and slowly he pushed his dick further through the hole until his whole dick was down this throat the other side of the hole, and he just knew this was what he wanted, this unexpected blow job, slow and deep, up and down his cock, was more than he had ever dreamed of before, and he just closed his eyes and fucked the mouth through the hole in the wall.

Tommy slurped on this spectacular dick and although he was young, he had sucked a few dicks in his short life and knew this was a special dick, big and veiny, uncut and with huge low hanging balls and that this was like a porn film - nothing average here - extra large came to mind and he slurped and sucked and using his hands as well, made a damned decent job of sucking on this huge knob.

The dick pulled back after a few minutes, making it obvious to Tommy it didn't want to come to quickly, so he slowed down and took his time and it was as if the dick and the mouth were one - knowing just how far to go before it went too far and making it last a nice long time.

As much as Step Father was enjoying himself he knew he coudn't hold out forever and with a loud groan, reached an orgasm that was like nothing he had experienced before and shot his load down this very willing mouth and as he gushed his load, in the darkness, he felt so happy, so pleased, so releived and in some way guilty, to have drained the tank and in such a pleasureable way - and all completely anonymous.

Tommy wiped his mouth and when the dick vanished behind the hole, he was curious to see who it was as this was a dick to be worshipped and wanted to see who and what it was attached to.

Going round the back of the glory hole, Tommy was horrifuied to see - th dick was attached to this hugely fat man in his late 60's and Tommy was just not into that and his heart fell - as while the dick was spectacular - the man just wan't, until the fatman turned away and Tommy saw who the dick was really attached to and not the fat old man at all - but in the darkness, as the man turned around and their eyes caught, Tommy came face to face with his Step Father.

He was the owner of the dick and Tommy had just sucked off his Step Father.

Step Father froze on the spot.

Tommy froze on the spot.

As their eyes met and the realisation of who had just done what and to whom, sunk in. You could hear the cogs turning in their minds and as reality hit - both Tommy and Step Father laughed - it Really was the only thing to do, they both laughed out loud staring at each other now and with big smiles, a new realisation was born.

Step Father winked and nodded towards the bar for a drink and they chatted and Step Father apologised to Tommy and Tommy was somewhat intrigued to find his Step Father in a gay bar and that he had the most superb dick he had ever seen.

Making an excue to his friends, Tommy and Step Father left together and sat in the car outside talking for hours and Step Father admitted he was angry as he was so sexually frustrated he wasn't thinking straight and that sex with his wife was almost non existant. He really wasn't homophobic - he was just angry at finding a Gay Times and seeing how easy it was for gay men to find and have sex - so easy, whereas for a straight man it was nearly impossible - and the whole time they spoke, both had raging hard ons still and it became obvious to both, that this was to be their little secret from Mother, and Tommy moved in back at home after that and Step Father and Tommy had many many blows and fucks after that and all without mother knowing. She remained a fridge sexually and having an outlet with Tommy helped keep the family - funnily enough - together.

Tommy learned a lot about sex in the next few months and Step Father also, as he had never butt fucked before and so much on the sexual spectrum was new to him, and their little secret was to be their New Years Resolution - DON'T TELL MOM.



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John: Just read your Christmas story and have to admit to something very similar happening to me - but this was for real. My Mother had me when she was 14 and I was put into care straight away. I never met my biological parents at that time.

I was in a council run care home - or orphanage / prison as we ' inmates' called it.

There were 8 of us in a dorm when I was about 12 and the other boys, being older than me, were wanking every might in bed and coming and shoving it in my face, being the younger boy, and they would deliberately come and spunk in my face when in bed - as a kind of bullying thing, but when it was noticed that I had a hard cock throughout, the boys suspected I was ' queer ' and started making me suck their dicks. They were not gay - not really - it was just horse fun between boys but for me, it meant the world.

Mike Bird was a boy who was 16 when I was about 14 and he seemed like a grown man to me - hairy chested and with an amazing body from playing sport and I was so in love with him. Like the other boys, he would stick his knob in my mouth and one day when I suggested he try something new, I was fucked for the first time, again, I was in heaven, while he went through a few days of guilt - thinking himself queer because he had bum fucked me, but after a few days he was horny again and all too keen to creep into my bed in the middle of the night and fuck me again - and again - and this became a regular thing.

I was sworn to secrecy.

Long story, After some years he left the orphanage and while he was nervous out in the real world - abandoned by the state as he had turned 18 - I was bereft. It took me a long time to get over him and then one day, I saw him in the street and as soon as our eyes met, I was now in my 20's - his whole face lit up and I was delighted as I thought he would ignore me, now he was married and with 2 kids. Seems his wife was more interested in things than him, money rather than a relationship and his sex life was appalling and to this day, we have met on a weekly basis and enjoyed good sex between us - Oh he is straight - just loves sex - and it doesn't matter whose hole it is, except he does know I have been in love with him for almost a decade and he is okay with that, as long as I know it will never be returned. It's just sex.

I am single and an out gay men and as much as I would love a relationship with him, I know it is not going to work but we still enjoy our weekly fuck and life is good. The expression BOYS WILL BE BOYS - was so true for me and I have so many memories of sex as a young man with the other boys and Mike and maybe some day I'll share some of the other memories with you.

If interested. Maybe the time I was given a scholarship by the Head Master to do my A Levels and all because the Head Master was fucking with me ( he eventually went to prison but not because of me - another lad complained and went to that Esther Rantzen Child Line - but that is another story.




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