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April Astrology by Gary O'Toole

This New Moon on Apr 1 is an important new beginning. This is a New Lunar Year in the Vedic calendar. Each lunar year is connected to the transits of Jupiter and Saturn, called Sāṃvatsara. The upcoming year is called Śubhakṛta, meaning ‘‘auspicious’’.

While we cannot deny the more challenging configurations of this New Moon, including a tight conjunction between Mars and Saturn, there are also some hopeful indications to look forward to.

The New Moon takes place in the lunar mansion Revatī.

Sidereal Transits

There is a Jupiter-Neptune conjunction, just as Jupiter and Neptune move into Pisces. This brings new hope, but also deception and delusion. The last time they met here saw the end of the Crimean War in 1856. Jupiter and Neptune in Pisces may lead to an awe-inspiring movement that restores our faith in humanity in the coming year.

Rahu enters Aries and Ketu enters Libra.

This moves the story forward in a big way. Sun enters Aries and is eclipsed by Rahu by the New Moon on Apr 30, another new beginning.

Saturn moves into Aquarius by Apr 28, and until Jul 13.

This moves the dial even further, as innovations replace outworn ways of doing things. All of the major players have moved signs by the end of the month. Big changes are afoot.

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