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Ballet Dancer With Alzheimer's Remembering Swan Lake Will Move You To Tears

Ballet Dancer With Alzheimer's Remembering Swan Lake Will Move You To Tears

Marta C González was a ballerina in New York in the 1960s.

This truly moved me. Made me cry.


John Bellamy Comments:

Life can be so cruel. When you see how young and active we are in early life and then skip forward past - probably - 40 - 60 years and see how many end up, is so desperately sad.

My own Mother was a top fashion model in her day and a singer with a large touring band that was my Fathers and they travelled all over and - in their day - were famous. To later see her with dementia in bed not having a clue who or what or where - somehow - seems so cruel.

No style. No elence. Nothing left of the Betty Claudia I grew up with - or Mummy - and when you look back, how sad it can seem.

I saw an old photo in Christchurch Priory ( Dorset ) of a group of WW1 wounded here in Christchurch Dorset - but from Christchurch New Zealand - and the group of wounded was of 12 men in various bandages etc, outside the front of the church, and one especially caught my eye as he was stunning - there was something about him, a glow, a radiance, even in this old black and white photo, and it made me wonder what happened the moment after the camers clicked and they relaxed their ' SAY CHEESE' and went back to the hospital, and probably home to New Zealand, and grew old - hopefully - and died an old man with his family around him, and here he was in the prime of his life in this photo - so young - so handsome - so full of life and while injured, there was something about him that really - all these years later ( this was in 2005 I saw the picture dated from the WW1 period ( 1914 - 18 ) and I remember it well. ' Youth is wasted on the young ' an expression that is thought came from George Bernard Shaw - but not confirmed - is true, as by the time you can appreciate the nicer things in life - by the time you have enough money to live the life you want - by the time you are adept at coping with life's ups and downs, you are old and past it and not in the mood any more for late night shin digs and all night anythings... it's just too tiring as we get older and truly, youth really is wasted on the young.

This video moved me , dearly.


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