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When during a recent big storm the flat roof over the entrance conservatory leaked badly -

and when this same roof has leaked before - many times - over the last couple of years.

And when after having it fully repaired and then spent an age - myself - redecorating and putting it right

To then a few months later have it leak all through again and once again

I am forced to have it re repaired and again, I spent an age and a fortune redecorating - yet again - what I have already spent an age redecorating

It frustrates.

When this happens yet again and for the 3rd time it is repaired - always using local qualified people, and once again - luckily, I am able to tart up the conservatory and not fully redecorate.

But then 3 months later - the other night, it flooded in and I had towels down everywhere and was moving furniture and plants out of the way and you feel completely frustrated and irritated and PISSED OFF that - having spent good money with local small builders who you do not wish to return to as they didn't do it right the first time and - guess what - never a guarantee from small business's - I am now forced to get in a big expensive company who we all know will talk me into having a full new roof at great expense but at least it will - hopefully - stop the leaks.

When you have a big property that is constantly in need of maintenance as well as updating and upgrading every few years - and when you have spent time and effort on a job and am pleased when it is finnished so you can move onto the next job - and when the same job keep raising its ugly needy head again and once again you have to do it all again, and then again and than again, it really frustrates - or in my words - fucking annoys the shit out of me.


After a year or more - thousands of £ or more - time spent wasted - I am now back at the very beginning again and have to start right from the start - all over again.

FRUSTRATION - especially when I have a ton of things to do and it makes me sometimes want to sit there and fucking cry.

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