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Help LGBT in Afghanistan - SIGN NOW

Torture, murders, and the death penalty: Since the Taliban seized power in Afghanistan, LGBT+ people have been in mortal danger.
A few days ago, Annalena Baerbock, the new German Foreign Minister, presented a national action plan for the evacuation of vulnerable people from Afghanistan.
But the plan fails to mention LGBT+ people as a particularly vulnerable group.

Gerald, sign the petition and ask the German government to include Afghan LGBT+ people in the evacuation plan.

Here at the Lesbian and Gay Association (LSVD) we receive desperate requests for help every day. The German government is also well aware of LGBT+ Afghans seeking for help. They must do everything they can to rescue these vulnerable people from Afghanistan and neighboring countries.

Afghan LGBT+ people need your help NOW.


German Foreign Minister Baerbock and Interior Minister Faeser must act immediately and save as many Afghan LGBT+ as possible from the Taliban.

Thanks for going All Out!

Markus Ulrich (he/him) Lesbian and Gay Association Germany (LSVD)

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