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This man is EXACTLY where he deserves to be.

For what he has done, I have absolutely no sympathy or kind thoughts at all. I know it sounds unenlightened to say - but - I hope he rots in prison for the rest of his life.

Carl Beech was better known as 'The Credible Witness' by the police investigating his claims of a sadistic VIP paedophile ring, and where scores of innocent people were hounded by the police for several years, and all on the back of this ' fantacist' who made the whole thing up.

He lied and made up fantastical stories of sexual abuse at the hands of the rich and famous

involving MPs, generals and senior figures in the intelligence services.

Those falsely accused had their properties raided, and one of them - ex-MP Harvey Proctor - lost both his home and his job.

At the time, Beech, a former NHS paediatric nurse, was working as a hospital inspector with the Care Quality Commission. He was also the governor of two schools in Gloucestershire where he lived.

However, while he was promoting his lies, Beech was busy downloading child abuse imagery and covertly filming a teenage boy.

The investigation - known as Operation Midland - would cost some £2.5m and by the time it was wound up, not one arrest had been made.

Beech, however, received more than £20,000 in public money as compensation for injuries he claimed were inflicted during the alleged abuse - injuries he had never actually suffered.

After a 12-week trial, Beech was sentenced to 18 years in prison, having been found guilty of 12 counts of perverting the course of justice, one of fraud, and several child sexual offences.

In the years immediately following the Savile scandal, parts of the internet were rife with allegations of historical sexual abuse by prominent people.

Beech falsely implicated a string of famous figures at the heart of British public life in the 1970s and 1980s.

From the military, he named two former heads of the armed forces, Lord Bramall and Sir Roland Gibbs, and another senior general, Sir Hugh Beach.

The former chiefs of MI5 and MI6, Sir Michael Hanley and Sir Maurice Oldfield, as well as the former Prime Minister Sir Edward Heath, former Home Secretary Lord Brittan, and the ex-MPs Harvey Proctor and Lord Janner, also became part of his story.

Beech alleged his stepfather handed him over to this "group" and that it operated using chauffeurs who collected him from school or his local railway station.

Despite his apparent strong recall of incidents involving famous names, he offered nothing tangible about the various drivers, witnesses and non-famous abusers his account incorporated.

What a screw up. This mans mental health REALLY should have been examined BEFORE the poilce ran around like fucking chickens with their heads cut off rabidly persecuting anyone and everyone and all because they fucked up SO BADLY with Saville that they now needed to be seen to actually be doing their jobs in protecting us from paedophiles,


When you look at his photo you really wonder WTF would want to rape him, even if decades ago, as he is FAR from an oil painting and to be quite honest, with all the pretty boys out there why on God's Earth would anyone want to rape him...

He recently lost his appeal against his 18 year prison sentence and bloody good show that it was refused.

The 52 year old was jailed in July 2019 .

He falsely claimed he had been raped by famous Westminster figures in the 1970's and 80's.

His barrister told the court of Appeal that no one was charged or faced court proceedings as a result of his actions, but

said accusations had had a 'devestating inpact' not just on the victims but on friends and family as well.

It is pathetically tragic that his lawyer assumes that because no one was charged, there was no harm done, when peoples lives were devestated and destroyed by his accusations and no amount of money or putting him in jail can compensate for the stress, the humiliation, the ' no smoke without fire ' comments and it will - quite simply - never go away for them - ever.

When the police do not do their jobs correctly and blindly believe bullshit in this manner without question from what turned out to be a complete fantacist, and when the police actually announce how reliable and honest they feel his testimony to be, and how eveything he tells them must be true, and when famous figures are destroyed - absolutely destroyed by the media and publicity surrounding the various accusations made, and when peoples lives and livelihoods are destroyed - and all on the backs of


then the police should also be jailed along with this asshole who ruined loads of peoples lives and for what ... Attention ... Publicity ... who knows, but the longer he stays behind bars the better.

The police went along with it as they have such bad PR from the fuck up they were responsible for with Jimmy Saville - that they are now running around like chickens with their heads cut off claiming everyone is guilty and pushing up their figures of crimes solved when it is bullshit policing and bullshit all the way through.

The police are largely incompetant - and they know it - and demand respect by prosecuting innocent people and setting them up and wasting lives just to get a result - that in this case ruined a lot of innocent peoples lives and not a single police man will be held accountable.

Carl Beech needs now to experience in jail what he claimed happened to him when he was a child. Maybe then he will know what the genuine people feel when they realise this cunt was lying while they truly did suffer. But then, we may never know exactly what he went through as a child and whether he really was abused - even clearly NOT by the people he claims - but what is the truth with this vile human being as there must have been some reason, some meaning behind what he did to these people and it cannot just have been to garner attention for himself, as that severly back fired on him - years in prison will not treat him well and at his age ???

Sad and pathetic, despicable vile human being.

Destroying others just to garner attention for himself.

Appalling human being, absolutely appalling.

Carl Beech - For what he did to innocent people - and for the trauma and lives destroyed by his actions, I am sure many will want him to rot in jail.

Claiming the gay community has a paedophile ring that harvests young boys puts our community into a bad light when - in 50 years as an out gay man and where I have run numerous gay business's - I have never heard of such a thing, and like the ' Gay Agenda' we read about - can honstely say 'WTF ARE THEY TALKING ABOUT... UTTER RUBBISH.'

Just made up clap trap to endanger the gay community with falsehoods and lies to bolster your homophobic claims against those you fear the most. Not murderers. Not banksters. Not bent politicians or murdering cops - not even terrorists - but gay men who are hounded for something they didn't do and as reported widely - gay men abusing children is way down the list and 90% is straight and not even gay so I wish they'd get to grips with the truth in this and stop making shit up to damn and destroy more innocent people.

I have a friend who was completely set up by the police and arrested for grooming a girl of 12 when he is a gay man who has never even so much as had sex with a women, never met the girl and never even met the ' older man' he was in correspondance with through the internet, and yet served 2 years on a complete ' set up' where the police set people up as an easy target to get their arrest numbers up. Pure falsehoods and pure corruption by the police.

It seems the police are still as corrupt and still as incompetant and still likely to ignore the truth and go after the innocent victim rather than the genuuine culprit.

So much for law and order.

So much for the police are here to PROTECT AND SERVE.

What a fucking joke that is.

Beech ruined a lot of peoples lives and is now paying for it with his freedom being taken away from him and maybe, in prison, some of the other prisoners will figure out who he is and take their revenge. I cannot say I feel sorry for him except he is probably a victim somewhere in all of this, but NOT an innocent victim, and it is the innocents we need to protect from people like this, and as usual, the innocent are criminalised by the police and forever more will have people saying ' Well there is no smoke without fire ' - and we all know that when you throw mud, some sticks.

Tragic for the victims. Truly tragic.

Carl Beech, you are where you deserve to be. No sympathy. None at all.

John Bellamy


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