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lack of daylight

A Lack of daylight in winter months can have a detrimental affect on some and the remidy is cheap and simple.

If you suffer from depression in the winter months

or feel a bit low - here is the remidy.

Light plays an important role in the normal function of the brain and too little light in the winter can cause severe depression, physical ailments, brain function slows down and body energies decline - you feel lazy and lathargic and disinterested in everyday tasks... you can't be bothered and above all else, your body will begin to close down and seem to be on a 'go slow' as your mind can struggle to keep up with every day tasks. And all because of a lack of light.

Different types of light have different affects on the consciousness and just as different musics evoke different moods, so too does lighting - and not just to create a warm and cosy room with dim lights and that cosy feeling - but also within your consciousness - as colour and light affect us in many different ways besides making us feel safe and warm.

Oh and to any American reading this - the correct way to spell COLOR - is with a U in the middle - as in COLOUR - so please spare your e mails about spelling mistakes, some are genuine mistakes and some are not.

Click on DAY LIGHT BULMS on Google and see the array of lights available to help you with your Seasonal Adjusted Depression - or SAD - or Light Deprivation Depression - as it is called when people get depressed in the winter because of a lack of daylight.

And I am not doing a Donald Trump and telling you to insert light bulbs into the body or anything else as dumb as that shit head could possibly make up - you just need to sit and read or work under a Day Light Bulb for a couple of hours a day to get relief straight away.

As yoiu sleep your Pineal Gland secretes melatonin that is only released into the bosy in th darkness of sleep. It is then only activated if and when you get enough day light - and if daylight is in short supply, your Melatonin does not work and hence, depression and ill health. It really is that simple.

Now I could go into great and deep details explaining ancient thoughts on this and how ancient rituals surrounded this and how many aspects of our Bible have been adapted to change the tuth of this and how in history some of the Greatest men in history knew and understood this concepot and use dit to save their coiuntry from going to wars and yet was outlawed by the church in fear of people finding their own path to God without their switchboard of ' putting you through' when the truth is, the church will do whatever it can NOT to put you through and to keep you here in spiritual bondage for centuries and actually - to work AGAINST the natural order of human soul work. The church is actually one of the most Anti God organisations on the planet designed NOT to help us find God at all.

So the answer is simple, buy yourself a fday Light fitting, and go for one of thise stand uyp lights that are all set and has a timer and everything and not just a light bulb as that will not be enough. Relax and soak up the light into your consciousness and feel the difference between previous years.

Now that we are all - once again - in lockdown, believe me, we need all the help this dark and dreary winter as w ecan get and a Daylight Light will help ENORMOUSLY.

There is a great deal you can read on the inyternet and I hope this ha shelped point you in the direction of a cause and a remidy. It all comes down to a lack of light.

Winter is a long dark period. So get the light Box and stay healthy mind, body and soul.

John Bellamy ------------------------------------------------------

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