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Many men have a thing about the size of their penis / dick/ cock / pecker / schlong / willy / fuck-stick - monster - call it what you like, where the size of a mans dick - for some weird and wrong reason - all too often gives an indication of how masculine and manly a man is when nothing could be further from the truth, it is plainly bollocks.

Some of the campest queens I have ever met have had enormous dicks while some of the biggest and manliest men imagineable have had micro penis'- and for this reason, resentment and bitterness towards others more blessed - is rife.

Some may deny.

Some will make excuses.

Some will say it had never crossed their minds.

They all lie - as most men are aware of the size, or lack off, their penis and most men would like a couple more inches in length and a bit more width. Even many of the hung guys would still like to be bigger.

Women look for a mate that is the biggest, the strongest, the most handsome and the one who can support her and the children as she wants to breed and is looking for the best mate to do that with.

Animals in the wild will fight over the female and she gets to have sex with the winner, - the strongest and the most dominant - and this is all about having ( what is perceived to be ) the best sperm from the strongest male and so will sire good strong healthy pups etc.

We live in a world where size matters - even though it should not.

Big car - Small dick.

Powerful sports car owned by a man in his 50's - says Mid Life Crisis and a crisis of identity that stems from the lack of sexual urge as the years progress, as at 18 you are fucking almost hourly, and by 50's - maybe weekly...

Small depends on the individual. Some of the largest men I have met, 6'7" and built like a brick shit house and often has the smallest dick and balls imagineable on any man, let alone a HULK. This then looks even smaller because of his size.

Then I have known skinny camp guys who at 5'5" tall, thinner than a rail and packing a monsterous 10 inches of long and fat cock and huge balls flopping around, and it somehow doesn't seem fair.

There is no rhyme or reason as to why someone has a biggun and someone else a teeny one, but I do know that this affects men in a dramatic manner and can - and does - fuck up their entire life and all because they have a dick that does not come up to their expectations.


No use worrying about what other people thing, although all too often it is other people's remarks that make us hate - or love - and all too often these other opinions are wrong. We should ignore others and just be aware of our own beliefs and how we feel and ' fuck them' if they find fault as even they are not exactly perfect so who / what gives them the right.

If someone laughs or pokes fun because you have a small dick, they deserve to be slapped - hard - and told not to be so fucking thoughtless and rude and to grow up and learn some manners.

We are all different and not all can be blessed and not all can be hung and not all can be as we personaly would like to be and we adapt and become friends with who we are and what skin we are in.

Sounds simple - but believe me, for the most, it is not.

Larry: Born in a mid west town of just 800 residents in Nebraska. Tall, Slim, Handsome. Big personality. Academically brilliant. Star of the football field and let's not forget - HUNG LIKE A HORSE.

His parents employed half the town on various cattle ranches so he was well known before he ever went to school or stripped naked at school sports and that is where his reputation began - with other boys at school teasing because he had a big dick on a 14 year old and other boys notice and talk.

David: Larry's brother - born 5 years later. Tall, Plump. Ginger. Over weight most of his life. Academically average. Crap at sport. Average personality. Small dick and balls and this alone ruined any relationship the brothers could ever have. David was so resentful of his brother as since childhood in a small town where everyone knew and respected Larry, all David ever heard was

'Oh, you are Larry's brother. Not at all alike are you '


'Not as good as your brother huh ?'

and he hated that and this made him hate his brother.

David and I were lovers for 5 years and he was obsessed with only having a small dick and even screamed at me once saying ' All you have going for you is a big dick' - which considering this multi millionaire died penniless decades later, after snorting most of the money up his nose and buying his friends - and where I own my own hotel and am respected for more than my big dick that he thought was all I had going for me, proves he was wrong. His anger and his bitterness surrounding his dick - ruined any relationship with his brother and our relationship suffered as well, even though he benefitted from my big dick sexually so what the fuck was he moaning about.

You see - it went far deeper on an emotional level than I could comprehend at the time and even now, acknowledge that people do suffer needlessly because of certain physical lackings, as they see it - and considering everything else is in good health and in this case, very good wealth, he had so much more going for him and yet was bogged down in pecker size.

It overwhelmed him at almost every turn.


Having run a gay mens escort agency for 15 years specializing in escorts over the age of 30, I interviewed hundreds of hot men over the years and many so well hung it was actually a handicap for them. To big to get decent deep throat.

Too big to get even a decent blow job.

Too long and too fat to fuck most people with.

Everyone stares when on a naturist beach or in the gym showers.

Envied and resented by many.

Everyone wants to play with it and give it a try - you get known because of your dick - your whole personality can reflect this and can go against you. Who you are and what you do is second to the fact that ' you are packing a monster ' and let's face it guys, most gay men are size queens.

Don't deny it.

It pre occupies hours every day of many mens existance - wasted time cruising Grinder / BBRT or any of the web sex groups. It often makes up half of a mans personality, his dreams, his likes and dislikes and the very way he holds himself in life - often reflects on how they feel about their penis and it is so sad when we see a really lovely giy all fucked up because he has a micro penis and where p[eople often push him away and laugh and this is so cruel. It is unquestionable wrong. A man is not his dick, but in the real world most of us live - rightly so or wrongle so, that is all too often how it is. Period.

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