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There is no such thing as a LGBTQ Community.

There really is no such thing as a LGBTQ Community.

All the words and details on the picture above are thrown at LGBTQ people BY LGBTQ people.

There may have been back in the 70's and 80's when we shared a struggle for equality.

There may have been during the 80's and 90's when we were pulling together to fight for more action on AIDS.

There may have been once a ' coming together' with a common goal we all wanted to share.

But not for a long time has the gay 'communuty' actually acted like a community with the betterment for the LGBTQ men and women, but that 'pulling together' has been a 'pulling apart' by the majority who want it all for themselves and seem unwilling to share anything with any one and so create something bigger than themselves for the betterment of everyone.

Too many ego's in the way.

Too many people wanting it all for themselves.

Too many arrogant assholes damning others they envy.

Too many resentful people bitching those who do, while doing nothing themselves.

A gay media that has the reputation worse that The Star or The Sun for its lack of quality of journalism and as for support for the LGBTQ over the years by the likes of Gay Times - THE MOST ABUSIVE RAG TO THEIR ADVERTISERS - who pay their wages, and I am only too glad that I no longer advertise in that disgraceful crap mag any more as we have choices and BOY do I like telling the staff at Gay Times where to shove their fucked up attitude.

This is a typical Gay Community scenario:

30 years advertising in Gay Times.

Display adverts. Lineage adverts. Tens of thousands of £ spent with Gay Times and when I noticed my advert was missing last year and phoned to find out why, was told that they had decided to delete all further adverts and didn't even bother to notify their advertisers, and I asked

' As an advertiser of more than 30 years in every single issue, do you not think I warrant some respsct and an e mail notifying me of your changes.'

This was their reply. This was Gay Times.

' Oh now John, you don't seem to understand. You warrant no more respect than had you been a first time advertiser.'

My answer - ' ' Here is an advertiser of more than 30 years with Gay Times and now I know it is just staffed with absolute CUNTS.'


That, my friends, is exactly how vacuous, how shallow, how insincere and how fucked up the LGBTQ scene really is and where too many offer too little and expect too much in return.

As bars and clubs close never to reopen.

As the LGBTQ scene dies back to be replaced ' on line' and so even more anonymous.

And where we will see no support and no structure for others to follow.

We are the ones who have lived through the good years and now, with changes, it will never be as friendly and as supportive as it was decades ago, and sadly, no one will remember, no one will be there for others and the LGBTQ scene will vanish into every day life and will be a loss for us all.

Sadly, the attitude of Gay Times staff is not uncommon. sadly - this is what has destroyed the community - fucked up individuals who think they are something special and so damn and destroy others out or jealousy, resentment and envy. That is largely the LGBTQ community for you.

I may run a gay mens hotel, and I offer tons of free holidays and help to many. Now - what other gay venue, bar, sauna, or anything, runs as a NOT FOR PROFIT VENUE and where all monies made and used to help those less fortunate and at the end of the day IS NOT A CHARITY.

It is early days as to where the scene goes after Covid 19 - and how many bars and clubs will take the governments money are run - never to reopen and this theft is not uncommon currently.

It seems dishonesty runs deep in all communities.


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