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violent dog finds love

Last week I received so much response to the story of the puppy dog who was all nervous and afraid until meeting up with another dog and completely changing - well here is another for you to get all teary eyed over.

It did move me and it will you as well.

Why are people cruel to animals ?

Why are people afraid of the love that a dog offers so freely.

I have been strict with my dogs - and if they misbehave or steal food, then they get punnished, but there are limits and a simple smack is one thing, but when I was given a Weimeraner dog decades ago to re home as the owners were going to live aboad, and as I already had a Weimeraner they thought I could help, and every time you raised your arm or hand in the air the dog would cower down afraid and we could see he had ben raised with beatings, and he was nervous of everyone.

We did not re house him as he fell instantly in love with our bitch Weimeraner Saphire, and they lived the rest of their lives together and had 23 puppies together ( 3 litters ) and were husband and wife for over a decade - but he never fully recovered from that afraid period and while he completely relaxed and changed into a sweet and loving dog, he would always cower if you raised your hand quickly, and he never totally forgot.

John Bellamy

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