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Your help is welcomed - A request from John Bellamy This Newsletter / Blog is sent out every Sunday and only started when we all went into LockDownIt is widely read and is sent to thousands of e mail addresses all over the planet and it never fails to amaze me when I get e mails from all over the world... to this little hotel in Boscombe... that is probably one of the last gay mens hotels with style and class in the country. As many others close down - or turn 'straight' or change hands to be demolished... the number of gay venues in general is dwarfed compared to 5 years ago, and that was dwarfed compared to 20 years ago. The LGBTQ scene is closing - it is dying - it is homogonising in with the straight world, and so it should if we are to all be equal, but there is still a powerful need - a strong need - for venues like Hamilton Hall being there for those questioning, for the lonely, the elderly, those struggling alone or even within a relationship, as a refuge for mind, body and soul.

This Blog was designed as a way of keeping in touch;- Helping to amuse and educate so keeping the mind active;- As a way of sharing some points of view:- As a way of keeping the name Hamilton Hall in your conscious;- To help support your emotional and mental well being during a catastrophic global panedmic that was causing and creating a mountain of stress and anxiety not just for the individial, but for the consciousness of humanity - and as I believe that every little helps, it was what I felt I could do.

Thousands of people have put youtube videos up of the family all singing some camp song about the lockdown, Randy Rainbow with his sensational Trump songs all helps, and many people have tried to offer something to others to help support and keep healthy the mind, body and soul of others,- with no strings attached - not for fame and fortune but as the decent thing to do.

If you find fault with that, then you are the self centred asshole.

Now the hotel is back open again and busy not just with guests, but with redecoration after a major water leak and with converting the Dorm Room into a suite where I am doing all the work in redecorating etc,. while also doing a 12 hour day anyway - so I have a request to make from you that has always been there, but now needs repeating.

If you have a story, either personal or something you have seen in a book, magazine etc. and feel it worthy of sharing through this Blog - or if you have a business you can tell us about and we can help promote, lets all help each other out and where we can, send in your editorials, stories and pictures and it saves me a job filling this Blog each week - even though I am never short of subject matter what I am short of, is time - and your input will help.

Don't bother about spelling or grammer as mine is appalling as well and the computer can semi check some of that - and I can adapt and edit - and will be very greatful for whatever you feel inclined to offer as assistance.

I may be Hamilton Hall, but the Hall is really all about you. I may own and guide it, but I can only be as good as you allow it to be - offer what you allow me to offer - and say what you are willing to read - and to that aim, I am here for you. No strings attached. No hidden agenda. No money grabbing and while I appreciate this is somewhat unusual in the fucked up life that makes up a great deal of the LGBTQ world where money and power seem all too important - here is someone willing and able to use his money and his power to help the LGBTQ world and to instill some soul into a community sadly lacking any.

And if you read this and look up at the ceiling and find fault - then you are half the problem - you are the uncaring cold asshole who is destroying the LGBTQ Commiunity from within and it is you who I seek to change - little by little, into a caring human being who has empathy for others.

It all begins - and ends - with you.

John Bellamy


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