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Being followed wherever you go

Facial Recognition Technology was being massively promoted by law enforcement and the athorities as a means to keeping an eye on us all and knowing exactly where certain individuals are. It was suppose to fight against crime, allow for better protection against terrorists and so much more was plauded as ' the way forward.'

What they did not tell you was that we are all being monitored and crime and terrorism is used as an excuse to do so, whereas terrorism is caused by the western states behaviour and attitude towards other cultures as it rapes them of their natural resporces like oil and gas and this excuse of fighting crime and terrorism is really all about keeping tabs on all of us.

To conspiract theory perhaps ?

But true never the less.

If one child at school is badly behaved you do not put the whole school on lock down...

The old fashioned deal of policing the people with walking the beat and knowing your local policeman will never be the same again as faceless cameras watch our every move and strangers in some office somewhere watching us behind walls of TV monitors.

The human story has been removed and faceless beurocrats watch faceless people and the interpersonal human interaction has gone and been replaced by robotic humans who just do their job and to hell with humanity. It's all about budgets, targets and doing as they are instructed.

As many of us know, this kind of policing has seperated the police from the people and it is even more 'them and us' than it ever was. This has NOT built bridges - not has created barriers. It has not brought people closer, it has divided. It has NOT helped fight crime - it has allowed budgets to be cut for the police so we have less of them than ever and we get a shitty service where most crimes never get solved as most crimes are ignored by the police and you are lucky if you find a polite one who is helpful.

So as the Facial Recognition Technology is fucked because we are all wearing masks because of Covid 19 and probably many will continue to do so long after this pandemic is over, the powers that be - the powers who are scared of the public and consider us all a threat so want to watch our every move, are now changing track using something everyone has.

Mobile Phones

used against us.

On entrance to venues you have to give your details and this is kept for 21 days, again, using this pandemic as a reason to know peoples movements.

Many venues, to save paying a staff member to do this, have a QR CODE that you show your phone to and it registers your entance and exit from the venue... so following your every move.

Is this 1984 ?

This this not the movie Gattaca - CLICK HERE TO SEE PREVIEW which perfectly describes a future where everything we do is followed by our DNA.

Cashless - we are told is the way to go where everything is paid for on credit / debit card, so once again every packet of gum - every car park, every ice cream and day out will be monitored and registered by using your card to pay for everything and someone somewhere knows it all.

Am I being paranoid or is it just that I do not like being followed and having someone, somewhere, have all my details. And to those who say ' If you have nothing to hide, then you have nothing to worry about'- and my answer is - okay, lets put your bank statements on line for everyone to see and pictures of you taking a shit - as even YOU have some things you want kept private and as we are all different, we must respect the privacy of others as we expect a certain level of privacy offered to us, and whether it be where I go shopping and what I buy to who I fuck with, is no ones business.

Now: I bought something off the internet this week and found a VERY eronious Indian charge against my card and when I questioned it, this was the company used by the seller to process his card transactions through but the name of the company HAD NOTHING AT ALL to do with the one I bought the products through, so unless a company uses its propper name on our billing receipts, HOW ON GOD'S EARTH are we to sort out our lengthy bill each month with companies using different names to the one in their advert.

ie: I bought Viagra from a regular company online that use to say 'Chemist Products' on your bill so you knew what it was - now it is this Indian Banking Systems name, so COMPLETELY confusing... and if other companies play this game, your bill with every stick of gum, every car park and every day out will end in utter confusion, easy to hide fraud - and we the customer - are once again duped - or stolen from, or were fraud is made even easier as confusion will reign supreme and we will be blamed by the banks.

Once again, it is about controlling ' We The People' and following our every move. Every hair cut. Every coffee and danish, every pair of new underpants and every meal out, cinema ticket, holiday abroad and even what condom or sex lube you by, all this information is available to programmes designed to follow and watch.

Every single penny will be taxable and no hidden economy - no giving your kids pocket money as it will be taxable.. no tipping the waitress as she will be taxed on it and every £1 you spend in a shop will have a % paid to the banks for processing EVERY SINGLE TRANSACTION - EVERY TRANSACTION - the banks will make money from whereas when paying cash, they make fuck all... and it is all about the banks having even more control and even more income at our expense.

It IS NOT about countering fraud at all as every single system the bank introduces is aimed at fraudsters,... look at the USA and how irresponsible people are with their card... you go into a restaurant and the waoitress will take your card away form processing whereas here in Europe you would NEVER allow such a thing and you stay with your card at all times and MOST CERTAINLY do not give it to the waitress etc. to go charge and even then, in the USA, they almost NEVER EVER EVER check your name and signature is correct, it's so easy - SO EASY to use someone elses card it beggars belief and this coming from what is claimed to be the most advanced nation on the planet yet in Europe we have a much better control in place to protect fraud, its called COMMON FUCKING SENSE , something sadly MASSIVELY LACKING in the USA.

( Look who they vote for ...)

It's a new world order. Covid 19 will be used to introduce laws taking away our rights as the Patriot Act did after 911 for Americans. As we loose our rights, we loose our voice and as we loose our voice we loose our indivuality and humanity and more and more become TV bound hogs with no single thought of their own and easily controlled through the media and bullshit claims that people will follow while all along being a load of bollocks.

I am not deluded. I am jot having a

So use cash people as much as you can... keep cash alive and well...


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