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The risks of working from home

Increase in your Home Insurance. Risk of loosing your lease.

Increased utilities


Council Tax may increase

No need for a mask or clothing

You are not meant to work from home. Period.

If you do, your Home Insurance policy way well be voided if you make a claim as you are insuring your home, NOT your work place and workplace insurance is another matter altogether and does NOT automatically happen if and when you work from home.

If you have a lease on an apartment - like millions of people, you are NOT allowed to work from home and you will find this written into your lease agreement and anyone who does, risks the Freeholder / Managment Agency threatening you with legal action and taking away your lease - and throwing you out.

Working from home means you have the heating on during the winter months where normally, between 9 am - 5pm - most are out ' at work ' - and the family ' at school ' and the heating is switched either off or down low, whereas if working from home, the heating will be on, you will be making numerous hot drinks and a lunch ( because you can ) and the amount of everything you use from toilet paper to coffee, milk and sugar will increase.

Leneliness occurs if you are - say - you work in a Call Centre. You are in an office maybe with scores of others and I am told by a customer who runs a Call centre, at the end of the working day everyone listens to the one or two who ; lost it' with Customer Services - as we all get annoyed with how we are treated by big business and how - like today - I was 28 mionutes on hold to get absolutely NOTHING DONE and anger often spolls out aimed at the Customer Service staff - and this again - is missed and loneliness can take hold. You may only see your family each day - mornings and evenings while you are alone all day at your computer working. No fellow workers to laugh with and chat with.

Tesco found that if those staff who worked nights filling the shelves worked in pairs, one each side of the aisle, even though they chatted and gossiped and seemed to slow down work wise, MORE WORK WAS DONE than when Tesco seperated the staff so no chatting and no gossiping and where they could concentrate on the work and not each other, and work levels dropped dramatically.

Company is important.

We are pack animals and soplitude is not a happy place for many. Few tollerate being alone for long periods and the mind, the consciousness, goes

foggy after a while and input - intelectual input, is important. It keeps the mind active.

My dog is not the most fun animal to go walkies with. She is older and a bit slow and wonders around behind me most the time, no fun, no games, no dive bombing me and where I walk on my own keeping an eye for her miles behind... and with gout and serious arthritis in one hip, walking miles around a park for no reason at all is not my idea of haven. However, if someone comes walkies with me, where we can chat and laugh and have intercourse as we walk ( behave...) I can walk for ages and the dog ends up wanting to go back to the car as she is tired.

Company. We all need company.

Your Council Tax is on a private home. If you then - say - turn a bedrom into an office and work from there you are liable to have your Council Tax changed to reflect this and it could cost a LOT of extra money. Business Insurance is NOT cheap - and if you then go one step further and claim a portion of your home against tax as a deduction, and a portion of your utilities claimed against the business, then if and when you sell the property this also could cause great problems as it is a private residence but it is also a business property that has not been designated as such with the council - as all businesses are - and this could create problems.

Many will also know you are working from home - alone all day - and this invites those who wish to break in and steal, as you are alone and at risk.

On the UP SIDE - you do not need to wear a mask and you certainly do not need to get dressed and can remain naked or in your jimjams / nittie as long as you like.

So there are some advantages to being at home as long as you can be disciplined enough to stick with it, not keep taking breaks and drinking your 10 cup of coffer because you can... or stop and watch a little telly for an hour - because you can.

I have been self employed and working from home for over 35 years and in London when I was an escort - 1/3rd of my home was classified and taxed accordingly as a business... as the whole top floor was uysed for business and the two floors below were residential.

At Hamilton Hall the hotel is classifgied as a business, naturally, and taxed and rated etc. accordingly and the top floor, the two small studios, are classified as residential and council taxed etc. accordingly, and conoidering I do not have a bathroom or kitchen up there, and is liveable but not for cooking and washing... yet we are still charged the full council tax .

So be careful what you do. One friend has already gotten himself into serious trouble with his arrogant Management Company over working from home and he has had to stop and pay the agents legal fees of almost £1,000 or loose his lease. The bullies in these Management Agencies who run these blocks of apartmnents are severe, are bullies and ALWAYS about earning them money andnot what is best for the apartments or who own them, but its is often all about how much they can fuck you out of in order to make money from you.

So be careful at this time. There may be many working from home, but be awarem, some times things can come up and bite you in the ass and like power showers and diesel cars, aLl promoted by the government as the way forward and then a few years later - ALL HELL BREAKS LOOSE as they change their minds and say these are the worst and now you will be taxed accordingly and penalised because you drive a diesel or have power showers that use up to 2 - 3 times more water than a standard shower, and we the public who were told to do so, suddenly are the wrongun... the ones to penalise and blame for the environment and everything... when it was THE GOVERNMENT who promoted these things.


Clearly this virus is going to take us through to next year and - possibly - right into next summer. No vaccine will be coming in the near gfuryre as the Common Cold and even HIV STILL does not have a vaccine - and how many years have they been working on those... decades maybe... so when Trump ( shudder ) says they will have a vaccine by Ovctober, this is just another of his multitude of blatant lies - fabrication at the top - how very tragic for the people when your leader lies through his teeth aout such important things.

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