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car ride naked

John Bellamy remembers -

Driving from Nebraska - via Denver all the way to Boston on the east coast of the USA was quite a trip. It was several thousand miles and w ehad two vehicles,- the BMW which my lover and a friend drove between them, and I drove a 6 wheeler truck piled high with all sorts of new furniture as we were moving to Boston from sanFrancisco and while most our household itemswere being delivered by a removal company all the way accross country ( that journey took them 10 days ) we took our time and although could have done the drive in 4 days if we drove right through, we took our time and took around 10 days.

En route we visited Niagara Falls and spent a couple of days there and as this was high summer, it was hot hot hot.

I drove the truck naked most of the time.

Window open,

Warm cooling breeze blowing through the vehicle.

Cold can of coke and an ice box on the floor beside me.

Following the BMW and the guys in front.

The truck only did 55mph so no need to worry about speeding.

And with over a thousand miles ahead and with the open road stretched out before us, this was something movies are based on.

Occasionally a large truck would over take and look down into my cab and see me naked and the driver would honk his horn and wave and - to be honest, being as I was in my mid 20's - I drove with an almost permanent hard on the whole while.

I had shorts and a t shirt handy should I have to stop and a sarong I could throw over ' me bits' if driving through traffic in a city - and other than that, it was a spectacular naked drive.

On one occasion we stopped at a truck stop late at night and my lover was horrified to see me just get out naked, walk over to their vehicle and - open mouthed - couldn't believe the balls on me - as in - how I had the nerve.

No one was around.

Truck stops on many of these freeways were gay cruising grounds as they have toilets and showers and the truck drivers, gay or not, enjoy some ' free time' with other guys and the cruising that goes on was outrageous.

I had a sarong in my hands in case the police turned up, but not once did they and every time I got out naked, it was fine, sexy as hell, and so liberating.

Many dream of long trips like this and - while I had previously driven both entire coasts north to sough - the west and the east coast - at different times, it was never naked and this-,THIS was special.

One day we had a very long drive ahead and we were on the road for 12 - 14 hours and tired, so every hour, we would stop and - er - share a certain thing that woke you up and helped you bounce along full of awakeness for the next hour and as it wore off, you'd stop again for another snort. Ad off we'd go again.

There was more than one wank while driving, with the heat of the sun, the warm breeze, the open road and that naked feeling on my young and virile body was a memory I shall never forget.

It's what fantasies are made of, yet this was real. It's what porn films are centred on, and this was little old me... ( well not so little )

The trip was incredible and I do forget how lucky I was to have had so many stunning experiences like this - and many more besides - at an age when I was young enough to really appreciate it.


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