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cheap way to heat your home this winter

scroll down to see how to make a candle power heater that will cost pennies and really works Heat your room cheaply
Today I got an e mail from my energy supplier informing me they are going bust and that I will be transferred to another supplier in the mean time and will be on a completely different tariff to the one I was previously on, and our business rate charges are MUCH MUCH HIGHER than you pay at home as we are a Commercial venue and pay a much higher rate for our utilities than you do - and I man it is much more expensive and with 20% VAT added.
This - bearing in mind my utilities have already increased almost 120% on last year - leaves me gagging.

All those small guest houses that are not legal, as in no Business Insurance, No Business Rates, No Food Hygiene Certificates - No Fire Health & Safety - No Public Broadcast Music License - No Hospitality TV License - No proper Smoke Detectors or Fire Doors - No Paid for Garbage Collection - and No Business Rates added to electric, gas, water & sewage which can be more than double the cost to an ordinary household, and these small unlicensed B&B's SHOULD be charging a LOT LESS than a standard hotel as they save on all these costs and if paid cash, well we all know that isn't declared, and legit business's suffer.

All these small utility suppliers offered very low rates compared to the big boys - ( like the abusive British Gas - this is the company who told me one morning how they would ' Break your fucking knees if you fucking don't pay this fucking bill - Do you fucking understand ' - and I answered ' I am taping this conversation' - and he answered ' That's fucking illegal ' - and I answered - 'And so is threatening to break my fucking knees you cunt.'

That was British Business Gas a decade or so ago AND THE PROBLEM WAS ALL THEIR MISTAKE and when it was sorted and they realised the mistake and I phoned to complain all I got from some bimbo on the phone
' Don't expect compensation and ( laughing ) and as for an apology ..... ' and it was just left hanging - so I answered
'In that case here is an X customer who now knows you are all at British Gas just a load of CUNTS.'

British Gas threatened me with physical violence because they had made a big mistake and after dozens of attempts to sort it out over an 8 month period and 3 court summonses that were each put on hold after I - once again - tried to get them to tell me what the bill was for which was non existent and was their mistake but they were incompetent at sorting it out so threatened me instead of actually putting their incompetent staff to work and FUCKING WELL SORT IT OUT, so instead they intimidate and bully in the hope you will just pay - even if wrong - AND WHEN YOU DON'T THEY BULLY TO MAKE YOU PAY and that is when I turn and hit back.


How many of you have found your utility companies closing up shop and you placed on a much more expensive contract temporarily with someone else ? Let us know how this went for you. Let us know how your charges have changed. Let us know your experience with this and what company you found to be the best.

Any business customers out there - has this happened to you yet and how was that for you ?

In this day and age of Covid and where the governments of the world have spent hundreds of BILLIONS in support and a million other aspects involved with trying - rightly or wrongly - to help save peoples lives and businesses and the NHS etc. it seems there is a world shortage of many things because ;-

A ship got stuck in Suez Canal and blocked trade for months and everything is now way behind schedule to the tune of many months and if you go right up the supply chain, it ground to a halt and from the very basic beginnings needs to get going again so factories can buy the basic things to make their items with - lorries need to transport the goods. Roads need to be open and clear. Shops staffed and open.

Many ports have been closed because of staff shortages. Airports working at half speed with cargo and again, no lorry drivers to move the goods around.

This is bound to happen after a global melt down because of Covid. Prices will rise hugely - not just the utilities we use but general shopping and food and clothes and any and ever thing brought in from abroad, which is probably 90% of goods we use.

I have made a massive effort this week - bought 'on line ' as its much cheaper - ALL LED LIGHT BULBS of different sizes etc. and tomorrow my electrician comes to replace ALL DIMMER SWITCHES AS THEY DO NOT WORK WITH LED LIGHT BULBS - IF YOU HAVE LED BULBS - YOU NEED A SPECIAL DIMMER - and HOW THE FUCK ARE WE SUPPOSE TO KNOW THIS - as nowhere have I read this, nowhere have I been told this - no one in B&Q tells you this and it seems to be a close guarded secret - LED LIGHTS MOSTLY DO NOT DIM - and will pop / go / die a death after just 6 weeks if you do in fact dim them and at £7 a bulb is FUCKING EXPENSIVE.

So you need to make sure your LED bulb dims and then have a special dimmer switch fitted that adheres to LED lights. I have also found that all LED bulbs are white and are stark and cold, so I bought a set of GLASS PAINTS from a hobby site and I paint the bulbs with a light yellow or light terracotta shade and it warms up the light and makes it a much more pleasant appearance in the room, and being as LED bulbs are cold and not hot, there is no smell while the paint dries.

We switch the heating way down in rooms that are not in use, making sure the heating comes on for breakfast and then off during the day - and on again in the evening for dinner and evenings spent watching telly or whatever - but off during the afternoons.

This candle powered heater I use every winter in my room and turn the heating down to save money and it really works.


The pot gets extra hot on the outside and is like a radiator and warms the surrounding area nicely. With bills going up and up and tea lights cheap to buy - this is such a good idea to take off the chill in any room and if facilitated safely as after all, we are all grown ups here and should not need a lesson in candle / flame precautions, this could be for you.



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