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Dog owners have been warned about some of the dangers around when walking their dogs this month, as temperatures are set to plummet.

Temperatures have fallen across much of the UK and the first widespread frost across the majority of the UK is forecast tonight, with lows of -5°C possible even in rural parts of southern England, the Met Office have said. Taking your dog for a walk once or twice a day is imperative for your dog’s overall health but what are some things to be aware of when taking your dog for a walk in the cold? Dr Kirsten Ronngren, a veterinary surgeon at Many Pets, has shared her top tips for walking a dog in the cold and how to avoid winter health worries. She said: “Our dogs rely on us to ensure they are well-exercised, and a walk is great mental stimulation. “Dog walks are also beneficial to our own mental health so it's really important for you both to keep up your dog walks, even in the cold.

“With the freezing fog on the way, it’s important to be aware of some of the dangers when walking your dog in the cold and make sure that you know what to look out for to keep them safe.”

These are some things to look out for when walking your dog in the cold. Rock salt can harm your dog. Dr Ronngren has warned that rock salt, used on pavements and roads to stop us from lipping, can be harmful to dogs. She said: “It can cause sores on dogs' skin and an upset tummy if ingested. Even if small amounts are ingested it can lead to high blood sodium, which affects dogs' kidneys.

Always wash their feet and legs if you see it on their fur. If you suspect they've ingested some, seek veterinary advice.” Antifreeze in puddles Dr Ronngren said: “At any time of year you should try to stop your dog drinking from puddles or stagnant water. But during the winter months, there's a higher risk of antifreeze spilling into puddles. “If a dog ingests antifreeze it can cause serious health problems and it isn’t always immediately obvious something is wrong. As with all toxins, contact your vet.

“You can also use the animal poison line 01202 509 000.”

Winter toxins Alabama rot is a cold weather toxin that gets discussed in winter months amongst worried pet owners. While case numbers are very low in the UK, this disease can have severe effects. Pet owners, particularly those that walk in wooded areas, should be on the lookout for skin sores, especially those that aren’t associated with a cut or scrape. Oftentimes these spots are on the lower half of the body, where mud and dirt collect. In more serious cases, your dog may show vague symptoms like lethargy or decreased appetite.

Avoidance is a challenge since research is still being done on the underlying cause. Most will encourage bathing to remove debris after a walk.

Dr. Ronngren added: "If you’re worried this is a possibility for your pup, it’s best to contact your vet as soon as possible.”



I have had dogs since I was 16 except for a 20 year period when I had cats, and they are very different creatures. Cats sit on you to make a fuss of themselves. Dogs sit with you because they love you - and to keep warm... ha ha

Dogs are the only creature to come out from the woods etc. in prehistoric times and approach man - and to help man, to be mans companion and help round up animals, and to protect and to help keep warm etc, and dogs have been an invaluable part of human development throughout the ages.

They show and offer love deeply to their owners whereas cats, well, they are somewhat indifferent and really - as much as you love them and they appear to love you, they kinda do and don't at the same time whereas a dog, - I remember when Missy cut her paw some years ago and she was straight to me - looking at me for help and you KNEW she knew who Dad was and who to go to when she had hurt herself;- where as a cat - just slinks off and copes on its own.

Dogs suffer mental stress and anxiety just like us and need mental stimulation in play and walks and different walks as well, not just the same all the time, and they will reward you enormously and to those who see fit to constantly find fault with dogs, you are missing out on a great deal and sadly, there are bad dogs that frighten even me but do not blame the dog = blame the owner as only fools, men with small penis's, men who have inferiority complexes and men who want to be seen as BIG and IMPORTANT and FEARED - have dogs that are frightening and used as attack dogs but this says more about the owner than the dog itself as a dog will only be the way it is BECAUSE of its interaction with humans - but don't let that put you off the love and affection shared from a dog.

Send me your pictures of your dog to share.


Dear John. When my Mother died I adopted her horrible snappy little poodle and it was a nasty snappy little fuck and rather than have it put down - as it was only 4 years old, she came and lived with me and I have no idea what happened, but she changed into this loving, quiet, really friendly little girl who is the most perfect pet I had ever known. I can only assume she is a man's dog and not a woman's dog and disliked life with my Mother and loved it when surrounded by men. She is now just going on 12 and has been a real delight.



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