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Gender identity explained - kind of...

Gender identity refers to an individual's inner sense of their own gender, which may or may not align with the sex assigned to them at birth based on physical anatomy and chromosomes.

This inner sense of self can include feelings, behaviors, and expressions that are associated with either masculinity or femininity.

Gender identity is a deeply personal and complex aspect of a person's identity, and can be shaped by a variety of factors such as biology, socialization, culture, and personal experiences.

Gender identity can be diverse and can fall outside of the traditional binary male-female categorization. Some individuals identify as transgender, meaning that their gender identity does not align with the sex assigned to them at birth, while others may identify as non-binary, genderqueer, or genderfluid, meaning that they do not identify as solely male or female.

It is important to recognize that gender identity is a fundamental aspect of an individual's humanity and that everyone has the right to express their gender identity in a way that feels authentic to them. This includes access to gender-affirming healthcare, employment protections, and respect for their chosen name and pronouns.

Discrimination based on gender identity is a serious issue, and it is important to advocate for the rights of all gender identities, including transgender and non-binary individuals. This can include supporting policies that ensure equal treatment and access to resources, raising awareness about the experiences of those whose gender identity is marginalized, and challenging harmful attitudes and beliefs about gender identity.

Understanding and respecting gender identity is crucial for creating a more inclusive and equitable society. By affirming and valuing all gender identities, we can work towards creating a world where everyone can live authentically and without fear of discrimination.


JB Comments:

I AM A GAY MAN and it was largely gay men who fought for equality and where were the non binaries, the vampire bats and grown men wanting to be little girls when we were being sent to prison fighting for the rights these people take for granted but did fuck all to help achieve ? From my view as an old fart - I agree with what is states above and agree that we are all equal and so much more, but if you want to be recognises as a bat - as you only come out at night - DO NOT assume I will buy into that bullshit and pander to your whims.

The transsexual prisoner who transitioned in prison and now wants to be treated as a baby girl and have the guards in the prison walk hand in hand with her and feed her accordingly - IS ASKING TO BE RIDICULED - and is pushing it way to far as there would be no way on this earth - unless paid as a sex worker, I would pander to this clap trap of being a 45 year old, size 11 shoe - little girl going goo goo gaa gaa. It is attention seeking, avoidance of reality and making others pander to her every need and whim.

How childish.


There are certain sexualities I respect and any trans - I admire - but choosing to be an IT or a THEY or even a vampire bat or anything else you may choose, DO NOT expect others to buy into that kind of mental health - self self self all the time as I shall just ignore and appears to be in need of some help.


When a friend changed his name some years ago he was instantly on peoples cases as they kept calling him the old name and not his new name and I had to have a serious chat with him about giving people time and space to remember, to acknowledge and comprehend - and every time he got all hot under the collar because someone forgot, it just made him look really stupid and thoughtless of others. They were trying, and screaming at his Mother that she was offending him every time she forgot, was absolutely obnoxious toward a 72 year old women and I had to have a scream at him in reply about how inconsiderate and horrible he was since changing his name and how thoughtless of others he was. He made the changes not us - and now he must wait and be patient while we ' catch up' - and how every time he claims to be offended, we just laugh at him, as that is all it deserves, laughter - no respect until he offers the same to those also transitioning but to the idea he is now someone else with a new title and this does not happen over night.

I AM A GAY MAN and it was us gay men who fought for equality and where were the non binaries, the vampire bats and grown men wanting to be little girls when we were being sent to prison fighting for the rights these people take for granted but did fuck all to help achieve ?


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