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Hairy Christmas to you.

John: Thanks for the Newsletter. I so look forward to it each week and the many wanks that follow. Smooth guys are great but the hairy ones, some of the guys you send us are INSTANT ERECTIONS - and a big thanks for cheering up my otherwise dull weekend where I see no one at all. I am smooth and always wanted to be hairy and at 57 my ears and nose are becoming hairier and as for my eye brows, like bushes that were never that way when I was younger. If only this extra hair grew on my head where I have a bald spot. I look forward to your Blog and the work involved;- When do you get the time while also running Hamilton Hall and facilitating workshops ? You are certainly a main stay of the gay scene of the UK John and I do so hope to meet you one day.

Rob. Australia.


See if you can guess by the time you have checked out all these guys, answered below, who I fancy the most.